Game Information
Race Draenei
Class Mage
Guild Order of Proudmoore
Professions Tailoring
Vital Statistics
Build Skinny
Hair Black
Eyes Silver
Personal Information
Age 214
Birthplace Tempest Keep
Marital Status Single
Family Karn (father)
Feriana (mother)


Always smiling, this friendly young draenei could easily be described as naive by those who first meet her. She is generally shy and keeps to herself when possible. But amongst her friends, she is known to be quite energetic, and loves to talk endlessly about her discoveries and adventures. She inherently believes in the good in all peoples, including the Orcs and their allies of the Horde, despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Despite this fact, however, she is quick to defend herself or those in need, and will use her wide array of spells to great effect.


At barely over 200 years old, Sammilia is still very young for a Draenei. Until very recently, she never knew combat or real grief.

She lived on Tempest Keep, where she was born, with her parents. Her father, Karn, was a brave and noble paladin. Her mother was a beautiful and caring priest, named Feriana. Both were members of the Order of the Aldor.

Since she was out of school, she worked at the library. Shy but happy, Sammi rarely went out or made many friends, always preferring to spend time with her books than with people. Her parents, when they were not away on some mission for the Aldor, often worried about her social skills. But they were both open and loving, and taught forgiveness and compassion to their "brainy" daughter.

Then tragedy happened. The blood elf attack on tempest keep. Her parents were still out in the main section of Tempest Keep, fighting off the invaders, when the Exodar made it's escape. Sammilia still does not know what happened to them, but she is holding out hope that one day, she will return and find them, alive and well, and the family can be re-united.

Now, having been forced to take on a more aggressive role in order to survive, Sammilia has put her years of reading and learning to work, and trained in the magical arts. Her personal goal is to reach Outland, where she can find out what happened to her parents after all.

Recent EventsEdit

Order of ProudmooreEdit

In her desire to see the best in all people, she joined up with the Order of Proudmoore, a guild devoted to Jaina Proudmoore's philosophy of acceptance and alliance. They choose to judge each individual by their actions and words, not by their race or beliefs. This concept fits well into Sammilia's personal viewpoint, and made her a perfect fit for the guild.

She has become fast friends with Leighette, a fellow draenei in the guild, and looks up to the leader of the guild, Lord Callon, and his fiancee, the Lady Jillianne. She aspired to have a love as great as theirs, and would soon have her wish...

New LoveEdit

Through the Order's open-arms policy, Sammilia met Beaudeca, a Succubus who had managed to break free of her bonds of servitude. Though many looked at her with spite and mistrust, Sammilia saw a chance for redemption rarely possible. Working together on Deca's burgeoning humanity, the two fall rapidly in love, and are happily together now, despite the sneers and mockings of their peers.

Recently, they have bonded even closer, and Sammilia became extremely tainted by the demonic energies that Deca unintentionally passed on, causing a strange shift in her personality and manifesting a frightening addiction to fel energy. Thanks to the timely help of her guildmates, her potentially fatal corruption was exorcised, and she has returned to her normal self, albeit with a slightly more outgoing personality than before.

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