Sanai Zhantai Murogu Daughter of Zhantai Darkspear and Murogu Darkspear.

Sanai came from a large fisherman family in the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale. The youngest of nine children, and the only daughter, Sanai was a mere thirteen when the Sea Witch attacked the Darkspear Village. Sanai's last memory of her father is Murgou handing Sanai up to her mother on the boat and saying, in Troll, "Keep her safe; this one, she is full of promise." And then her father and brothers ran to join Vol'jin in battle.

Sanai and Zhantai Darkspear arrived in Durotaur and helped to settle Sen'jin Village. Zhantai worked as a fisherman and cook for the village until her death after Sanai's nineteenth birthday. Sanai helped her mother with fishing until she came of age at seventeen, and Zhantai realized she was too old to continue supporting her daughter, and wanting to keep to her mate's prophecy for the girl, sent Sanai out of Sen'jin Village to make her own way.

Sanai, a rebellious youth claiming homage only to her deceased father (she took up his first name as her surname upon leaving Sen'jin Village) and Thrall the Warchief, arrived in Orgrimmar with no idea what she should be doing. She worked for a while as a cook, but failed to keep the job due to her tendency to "sass" the customers. Sanai then went and found work tanning leather, only to lose that job due to her tendancy to walk out of the shop without warning. Her last stab at employment, she worked as a bartender only to be fired because of the rather boistrous bar fight she started, which caused her to lose her left tusk.

Deciding that she was meant for greater things, and wanting to follow in the footsteps of her hero - Thrall the Warchief - Sanai made her way to the Valley of Trials where she took up learning of the Shamanistic arts. She dedicated herself wholly to her craft, and along the way befriended a motley crew of fierce females who called themselves The Brides. Working diligently under the tutelage of Auntie Frances, Sanai learned when to walk away, and when to run.

Zhantai's health was failing more and more as Sanai grew stronger and was away from Sen'jin rarely with any contact with her mother for months. As Sanai grew, The Brides dissapated, and she found herself alone and spent a month at her mother's side as she lay dying. On an evening when Sanai was traveling to Sen'jin Village she saw her mother's hut in flames, and two Paladins slaughtering civilians of the town. Many other Horde heeded the call to save the Village, and Sanai fought with fury and passion to avenge her mother's murder.

Sanai took her mother's first name as her second name, and preferred to be known as Sanai Zhantai Murogu. As her parents had died in battle, she took up a militaristic mantle and joined the military outfit known as the Harbingers of War. During Sanai's time adventuring, her paths had crossed often with the Darkspear Troll Kraal - an intrepid hunter with his boar companion always at his side, Sanai fell hopelessly in love. When Kraal, too, joined the Harbingers of War, Sanai felt her loyalties being torn and left the military unit.

Finding a home in the adventurers of Imminent Rueage, Sanai traveled to outland where she trained her strong emotions and passions into fighting back the Burning Legion.

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