Sanguinne RosemondEdit

Race: Human
Age: 19
Birthplace: Elwynn
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: The Rosemond Family

Appearance: Sanguinne's wide violet eyes and the sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose seem to indicate innocence, but the smirk she usually wears and the way she carries herself suggest anything but. She has firey red hair, a trademark of her family, and the pleasantly curvy figure of someone who doesn't have to work hard for a living. Her clothes and weapons are of a much higher quality than the street rat she tries to present herself as should be able to afford.


Sanguinne is a child of priveledge and it shows through every aspect of her manner and demeanor. She looks down at the world with a haughty gaze, looking only for how it can benefit her. She's willing to go to nearly any length to amuse herself for a time, including manipulating people for the sheer sake of it, using "Dream Dust" recreationally and seeking out men to assist her in her quest for momentary diversion. The only person that she seems to care about at all is her twin brother Eldaius Rosemond, who she has an oddly close relationship with - and even he is a far second to her loyalty to herself.


The RosemondsEdit

The Rosemond family is a noble house with an elaborate manor in Elwynn that enjoys their rank and priveledge, throwing elaborate parties and galas. Headed by Lord Archibald Rosemond, the children of the family, the twins Eldaius and Sanguinne, were lavished with anything their hearts could ever desire and every whim granted - save actually paying attention to them once in a while. The children were left with a series of tutors and nannies, none of them staying long enough for them to grow attached, and the Rosemonds were taught from a very early age that the world was there to serve them and provide them with nothing but amusement. Growing up, Sanguinne and Eldaius had nobody but one another to turn to for company, and quickly adopted the attitude that it was them against the rest of the world. They worked as a cunning and cruel team, manipulating and controlling the people around them for the sheer sake of it.

The wars have depleted the Rosemond coffers, however, and while they have title and priveledge the Rosemond children have found themselves having to go out into the wider world beyond their manor for enrichment and amusement. While Eldaius is usually the one with larger goals and more cunning plans, Sanguinne goes along with him for the sheer thrill that his cruel schemes usually provide. Priveledge has a price, however - Sanguinne has always known that she will need to marry into money, probably to a wretched old man that she doesn't even like, to restore the Rosemond fortune, and until that time the recreations she can seek are limited, due to the expectations on a young noblewoman when she marries.

Death and RebirthEdit

Finding herself engaged to Lord Sebastian Cromwell, a deal struck without much of her input or consent, she also found that this made her a target. She was assassinated by people who sought to prevent Cromwell from gaining more political power, who employed Anilu and Tianha Noirelle to carry out the deed.

She was revived some time later by Aaleyada Tarkheena, a demon and master of blood magic, whom she had spent some time with on occasion in the company of his fiancee Gwenne. Upon discussing the matter, they realized that they could help one another - if they were to marry instead he could supply nearly endless wealth to her family and he was very much intrigued in the seat on the Stormwind House of Nobles. Aaleyada and Gwenne were married in secret in a Demonic ceremony to prevent the appearance of impropriety, and Sanguinne and Aaleyada are set to be married soon...much to the anger and dismay of Eldaius, who had his sights on the noble seat.


Meanwhile Again...

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