Saraich Flamebeard (formerly Spearhewer)Edit

Race: Dwarf
Age: 51
Birthplace: Deep Mountain
Class: Priestess
Professions: Miner/Blacksmith
Affiliations: Member of The Peacemaker League, member of the Razdan Baraz.

Appearance: Saraich is pretty for a Dwarf, and fairly young. She wears her hair in two long brown braids, and has acquired a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She is built sturdily, like most of her kind, but has a natural grace when she fights.


Being young Saraich is fairly unsure of herself, particularly about her appearance when she compares herself to the tall lithe Human and Night Elf girls that she knows. She often fidgets with her clothes, as if willing them to fit better. She has a hidden streak of iron in her soul, though, and when tested can take on even the most daunting of situations with a sure hand. She is, however, a bit prone to striding off on her own to take care of situations alone that would be better dealt with with help.


Deep MountainEdit

Saraich grew up in Deep Mountain, a hidden world of Dwarves living miles and miles under the surface, deep in the rock. Cut off for so long from the rest of the world, Deep Mountain has developed into a closed and backward society, full of prejudices and ancient hatreds. Drundil Spearhewer, her father, heads up the largest weapons-making and dealing businesses in all of Azeroth, and he rules over the legacy left to him by generations of Spearhewers with an iron fist. The youngest of five children and the only girl, Saraich was more or less left to her own devices, with the occasional kindly attention of her older brother Dursten. She learned weapons-making at her father's unknowing knee, and was trained in midwifery, one of the few acceptable professions for a female dwarf, by her mother Consta. She took well to healing and started to study in secret, knowing that going into such a weak and unwarlike profession as healing would certainly draw her father's ire. The last person to not live up to their father's expectations, Dursten, fled to the surface world. She was discontent with her life, but not enough to take action, until...

Her father arranged a marriage for her with Gundirson Grimgut, one of the oldest and meanest Dwarves ever to live in Deep Mountain, for financial and political gain. She followed her brother's example and ran away, up into the world surrounded by sky instead of rock.

The Wisps and SpiritsEdit

Upon discovering the surface world, one of the first welcoming places she came to was the Wisps and Spirits tavern in Stormwind. Lacking the funds for basic amenities and seeking to learn more about the world above, she quickly found herself employed there to tidy up and keep the place orderly.

One of the first customers at the tavern she encountered in this strange new place was Draeg Flamebeard, who was also in search of a place to work and belong. He signed on as a bouncer for the Tavern, and the two of them started to keep a careful but shy eye on the other, the past experiences of each of them keeping them from voicing the feelings that they were starting to develop.

And then Lord Cromwell set his eyes on the Wisps and Spirits, and the entire staff was pitched into chaos and confict. One night, after rushing after the tavern owner Measha to save her from his clutches and seeing their friend Jinx transformed into a thing of evil, the two of them realized that time was short, and happiness had to be taken where and when it was found. The two of them began a sweet and shy courtship.

The Blood OathEdit

Unfortunately Saraich and Draeg's happiness was short lived. Soon a letter came from Sara's parents, informing her that they had arranged a new marriage for her to one Dalin Bronzebeard, adopted nephew of Brann Bronzebeard. If she did not accept this, they would see her disowned from all the Alliance. In her desperation she went to Dalin himself, who arranged for her to meet with King Magni Bronzebeard. He offered her protection from her family and all those who would harm her, but for a price - she would join the Razdan Baraz, a secret society of Dwarves who acted as Magni's hand in matters that needed dealt with, from research to assasination. She would report directly to Dalin. Accepting this, she was branded with a torch on the back to signify her Blood Oath.

A Wedding of a Shorter TypeEdit


One of Saraich's first duties for the Razdan Baraz was to investigate a mysterious red stone in Darkshore. Unbeknownst to her, Dalin already carried one of these, and after falling to some kind of mysterious power that Pook had it began to drive him insane. This got worse after Cromwell performed a ritual on Dalin, and he tried to kidnap Saraich. Flamebeard rescued her, and the two of them realized that they never wanted to be parted again. Draeg proposed to her, offering her a ring set with a Deep Mountain Jewel, one of the rarest gems there was due to them never being allowed to the surface world from the avaricious grasp of the Deep Mountain Dwarves. Their wedding was briefly threatened by Lord Cromwell and the rest of the Westbrook Light Brigade, but as it turned out this was just so they could keep up appearances and not have Cromwell overthrown by the Dark Masters who ran the organization. Also threatening their wedding was Drundil Spearhewer himself, who hired a theif and informant named Phinn to spy on the Dwarves and try to bribe and then arrange for the assasination of Draeg by Squig. Despite all this, though, Saraich and Flamebeard were wed on May 7th amidst a huge crowd of their friends in Stormwind.

Putting Down the MugEdit

Saraich and Draeg continue to work at the Wisps and Spirits, and still occasionally deal with threats from Dalin, who is still quite insane, and from the Westbrook Light Brigade as a whole, who tend to be a little unsure about whether they want to be evil or not. Upon visiting Raven Hill to resurrect Chiseta from death she encountered an evil invisible spirit, and Cromwell took half of her wound onto himself to save her, leaving her unsure as to what her loyalties towards him should be. And the most signifigant recent development is the latest plan by Drundil Spearhewer, to have Phinn sabotage a certain tea that Saraich drank daily. The result is that Saraich and Draeg are now expecting a child, due to be born sometime in January. She recently quit her job at the Wisps and Spirits to follow her husband's dream of becoming a diplomat with The Peacemaker League.

Recent TimesEdit


Saraich and Draeg went through an ordeal where he was trapped in a red crystal dimension by Dalin as the evil Balthuz Blackbeard, a Dark Iron sorcerer, tried to gain control of them. She was aided in his rescue by Moiriane Flamebeard, their own daughter sent back from the future by a ritual done by her "Uncle Sebastian" Cromwell. Draeg was rescued and Moiriane disappeared from her life again, and Saraich was left to a time of introspection. When her husband decided to teach her to shoot a gun to defend herself she took to it with astonishing ease, her family's combat-oriented blood asserting itself at last. She quickly lost her hard-won strength with the Light, being a Priestess was always difficult for her, but became far stronger in battle with mind-boggling ease, donning chainmail and carrying a rifle, becoming a Hunter. Due to all the changes in her life, her pregnancy and giving up the Light, the enchantment that changed her hair color to brown that she'd used when she ran away from home faded and it has returned to its natural deep red. The family experienced some turmoil when Draeg was charged with the murder of her brother Dursten, but it was revealed to have been a setup by her family and he was acquitted. Unfortunately the episode damaged his reputation as a diplomat and the Peacemaker League disbanded, but fortunately Draeg later found employment in The Scarlet Knights and Onslaught.

On January 13th near midnight Saraich gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Moira Flamebeard.


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