Author: Saraich

Many pardons, I don't mean to offend, but...aye, this stuff tastes like what we give the bebbies who can't drink the hard stuff yet down under the mountain.

Um, at any rate, while I'm takin' up yer time I should probably introduce mehself. Meh name is Saraich Spearhewer, of the Deep Mountain Spearhewers of course. Fer yeh non-Dwarvish folk that's a name that goes aways back, down with the people so far underground the sky is a story they tell the children at bedtime. We've made weapons fer the Dwarvish kings since there WERE Dwarvish kings. Those're meh people, or they were, until I, ah, left.

Also fer ye non-Dwarvish folk, mah name means "to oppress or harass" in the Old Language. I never quite fit in, yeh see, even when I was a bebbie meself. It was a great disappointment to meh family that I showed a talent fer the more casterly ways than smashin' faces on the front lines as meh family has done fer generations. I still woulda stayed, though, until meh mam an' pap tol' me I was to be married to ol' Gundarson Grimgut. Now fer yeh folks up here what don't know him, Gundarson Grimgut is mean as the rock runs deep and as old as the Mountain itself. He's so old he hasna got hardly any teeth anymore, an' most of his beard has gone and fallen out. I mean, I know ahm no great prize meself, even fer a Dwarf ahm a little thick around the edges an' even down in the Mountain ain't hardly a man who don't carry aroun' little pictures of them slender tall Human an' Night Elf girlies dancin' in their underthings, but no BEARD? If a gal ain't got a good beard to hang on to, what's she got at all?

Well, that was the last straw fer me and I done gone and run away up here to the Surface world. I hafta say, it's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be. Yeh don't really understand how big the sky is until yeh see it...

At any rate, I don't think I'll be anyone of much importance to a world like this. But mebbe I'll see yeh aroun', do yeh a good turn by patchin' up yer sores or bangin' up a steady blade for yeh.

An' if yeh should happen ta come across Gundarson Grimgut...yeh ain't never seen meh!

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