Saraphita Dieu don TibewaldEdit

Race: Forsaken
Age: 19 (At Death)
Birthplace: Stratholme
Class: Priest
Professions: Skinner/Tailor
Affiliations: Big Booty

Appearance: Saraphita has only been dead a few years so there has only bit of your standard deterioration to her face, elbows and knees. Her face is perpetually cheerful and her expression a bit vague, and she often stops and seems to be listening to something nobody but she can hear. Her blonde hair stands out at odd angles and appears to have been roughly cut off with a blunt object.


To call Saraphita cheerful would be an understatement. In life she was a blonde, not terribly bright Priestess with a sunny disposition, and in death she isn't terribly different...except for the occasional murderous rages. And the clear insanity. Saraphita is easily confused, naieve and hears voices in her head that tell her all kinds of things, from the exact ingredients in chocolate to that she should pull out someone's entrails through their nose. Not all of them originate from her twisted brain, however...



Saraphita Dieu don Tibewald was born to a well-off family, just below nobility, in the city of Stratholme. There was nothing particularly remarkable about her childhood other than she was adored and doted on as her parents' only child, a cheerful and sunny blonde girl who perhaps wasn't too bright, but had a way with the powers of the Light even from an early age. People called her blessed...perhaps a little TOO blessed, in the head, but it was with the well-wishes of her parents that she entered into the militia of the Alliance as a healer when she came of age.

For the Alliance!Edit


She was stationed in Lordaeron, where she continued to refine and strengthen her power in the Light. In her regiment was a paladin named Tybal Lampropeltis, shining bastion of Paladindom. Despite her initial indifference to him when she first met him he eventually won her over and with the blessings of her family they were soon betrothed.

That Man is a Real SnakeEdit

Unfortunately for the both of them it turned out that Tybal wasn't quite the bastion he made himself out to be. He had a noted weakness for all kinds of women, and indulged that weakness frequently behind Saraphita's back. It wasn't until he used and then spurned a Warlock woman, Mirelle Krastinov, however, that everything came crashing down around both Saraphita and Tybal. An unknown person arranged for Saraphita to discover Mirelle and Tybal together. She stood, shaking with rage for a while, and then something snapped inside her mind and everything went red. When she came to again there was blood and little sticky bits of hair, bone and flesh everywhere, mostly on her own mace, and she was being taken into custody by Lordaeron guards for the murders of Tybal and Mirelle.

A Suspicious Loaf of BreadEdit

She was tried and convicted of the double murder and sentenced to death. Just before her execution a mysterious figure dropped by a loaf of bread, freshly-made and brought by gryphon from her hometown of Stratholme, for her last meal. And then she was hanged, buried and forgotten. The bread was made with plague-infected grain, however, and when the Lady Sylvanas broke from Arthas and created the Forsaken, Seraphita's soul was selected to come to her side as one of them.

Tybal's spirit was likewise condemned to wander...the powers of the Light, disturbed at the corruption of one of their powerful priestesses, transformed him as a punishment. He was turned into a snake and told to follow her and guide her, as her conscience.

Saraphita's mind didn't quite survive the trauma of everything it had suffered, however. Tybal's wasn't the only voice she could suddenly hear in her head. She maintained a generally sunny demeanor and outlook, but having tasted violence and havok the shadowy whispers in her mind wanted more. She noted that there was a snake that had now taken up residence in her innards, but she was convinced it was a maggot and took to calling him Fred, no matter how many times Tybal reminded her who he really was.

The PortalEdit

For some time she wandered Azeroth, making friends and spreading manic cheerfulness across the Horde. Most notably she held a slumber party for the girls of the Horde to celebrate the end of Summer, content that she had finally found female friends and a place where she felt she belonged with the Horde forces. One day she happened upon an interdimensional portal in the house of a friend, however, and touching it sent her to a new Azeroth populated with entirely different people, just waiting for Saraphita's very...unique...outlook to be inflicted on them.



Some time after her arrival in the "new" parallel Azeroth Saraphita found herself at the Drunken Kodo, the bar and tavern in the Barrens. It was there that she encountered a group of pirates, and she was terribly excited about this since she had a pirate outfit too. Her oddness and the information supplied to her by the voices in her head intrigued Silkk and he asked her to join the crew...well, that or he lobbed a pearl that was used as the crew's primary method of communication at her to get her to shut up. One of the two. Ever since then she has added terms like "Yarr!" and "Ahoy!" and "I'm a pirate! Yarr!" to her vocabulary.



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