Saroni StarbreezeEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 8,764
Birthplace: Stardust
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalist/Alchemist
Affiliations: The Scarlet Knights


A youthful appearance belies this elf's age. Her lithe body is frequently wrapped in a cloak. Many times all you can see is her purple braid and glowing eyes. Her armor is in good working order but it appears disheveled in places as if appearances are secondary. Looking closely you can see a ornate multi-faceted jewel clasp holding her cloak closed.


Still recovering from the loss of her immortality in the battle of Mt. Hyjal, she is a little pre-occupied with the past and has lost too much time hibernating in the Emerald Dream. It clouds her judgement on many things. She does not not what to make of the races making up her new allies. There are many different customs to learn. Formal training has allowed her to master the common language for the most part but the languages of the dwarves and gnomes elude her. She is a little disheartened with what she sees in the world and wishes the races would get along better. It seems past trials have been forgotten and the true enemies are not challenged. She believes that the people of the world have the spirit to persevere but only through cooperation. She tries to remain good natured even if she is a little naive about the goings on in the world. Saroni is fiercely loyal to companions and friends.



The Exile of the HighbornEdit

The young sentinal stood on the hill and looked out over the ruined city. The young elf looked to the east. The moon was just rising but coming down the road she could see them coming over the bridge into the area. There were a lot of them in the procession. Escorted by sentinels such as herself on either side of the exiles. There were also other sentinels on the hills to make sure the exiles boarded the ships that were provided.

It seemed like it was yesterday, the stories were so vivid in her mind. Yet, in reality The Sundering occured over 20 centuries ago. Many had perished here in the The Sundering. Her family had just barely made it out alive. All that remained of the great city now were these ruins. Beyond them lay the great blue expanse of the sea. She looked out to the horizon to see the lights of the ships. It looked like a sea of fireflies as the ships bobbed on the water. She could barely make out the sails. Today was a major day in the history of the Kaldorai. The High Elves were leaving. It was decreed that the practice of sorcery was outlawed and they had been banished. What lay on the other side of the sea? Was there another side? No one knew.

Yet, the druid council is sending many people anyway. There must be a hundred ships in the ruined harbor. Forcing the exiles to march through the ruins was to add suffering to their trip. They were ultimately responsible for the destruction cause here and elsewhere in the world. The destruction of the moonwell, the death of the Queen and so many others. Or so the druids council would have everyone believe.

She continued to watch the elves proceed below her along the road. She could see family standards and thought she saw some friends and other people she knew but it was probably just the moonlight playing tricks on her. The procession lasted all night and just as the sun was rising, the last ship started to depart. As it departed, a single tear fell down her cheek and landed in her purple braids. Her hands loosed and the glaive fell to the ground. Following the young elf fell to her knees and sobbed in the morning light.

"What have we done?", she sighed.

As the day wore on, she finally collected herself and moved into the forest where it was cooler. She would start the long trip to Ashenvale when the sun set and it was easier on her eyes. She lay in the boughs of a large tree with a sense of dread and feeling that a great injustice had been achieved. She must have fallen asleep but was awoken when the branch of her tree shook. Looking up, she saw the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on. She had pale green skin and long green hair that went to her ankles. The strange thing is that her eyes were closed. At the woman's neck was clasp made out of a multi-faceted gem with a million colors sparkling in the sunlight. And then she spoke, "What troubles you child?"

Training BeginsEdit

Battle of Mt. HyjalEdit

The night was cool on top of Mt. Hyjal. A force like none ever assembled spread to the slopes in all directions before the humble druid overlooking the scene unfolding before her. This would be a desperate battle to save all life on the planet. The Burning Legion was assaulting Nordrassil itself. Never before had the races aligned in this way to protect one thing. Gone were the pre-conceived hatreds and jealousies that have torn the world apart for so long. Horrible things she has witnessed while slumbering within the Emerald Dream. Things shown by her Mistress Ysera to prep her for what was to come. This wasn't an ordinary druid, but one of a few select chosen who work secretly to direct from afar and to seek information for the dragon guardians of the world.

The armies clashed and any semblance of normalcy was lost. The world seemed to blur as the earth shook all around her. She was in a daze. She had trained for this day and knew it was coming, and yet it was hard to remember her task. She got caught up in the fight as magical energy singed the air around her and her nostrils filled with the smell of brimstone. Her long purple hair came undone and whipped around in the breeze, partially blinding her. By the time she could look up, it was almost too late. A large cruel weapon was heading towards her. It was made with a translucent material and shined with a malevolent light. She tried to get out of the way and caught a glancing blow to the side of her head. Well as glancing as a weapon larger then she was could be. She crumpled to the ground and didn't stir.

"Saroni... Saroni... It is time to wake up dear", came the disembodied voice. Groggily she stirred and awakened but in reality she was still in the Emerald Dream. She recognized its verdant landscape and the hazy green air all around her. Before her stood the most beautiful Kaldorai woman she had ever seen. She has luscious green hair that spilt down to her ankles and a green dress of the finest silk ever seen. The most striking feature though was the large multi-faceted eyes. They did not glow like those of other Kaldorai and contained a million colors. Looking into them put the druid at ease. "What about Mt. Hyjal? I must get back to help save Nordrassil", blurted Saroni. "Honey, that battle is long over. The battle against the demons was won but the stakes were high.", was the reply. "But, how did this happen? The battle just started", queried the groggy druid.

"The battle ended over 4 years ago, but you were ill and it wasn't safe to wake you until now. Honestly, I am not sure if it is safe to wake you know but you are needed. Our numbers grow smaller and the world is at risk again."

Into the WorldEdit

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