The Story of SelassiEdit

Name: Selassi
Race: Troll
Age: 68
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Hunter
Professions: Skinning/Leatherworking

Appearance: Selassi’s skin is crisscrossed with wrinkles and scars. He is quite old, for a Troll, although he retains much of the physique and conditioning from his youth. He has a shock of hair that is completely white. It is impossible to judge its original color. His eyes are slightly pale because of his vision loss, but this results in a soft, kindly expression that is surprisingly pleasant.



Sel’assi was born at the beginning of the Second War, into a large family with three sisters and four older brothers. His father, Kan’assi was a loyal warrior, serving under Zul'jin with the Forest Tribes. As the Second War progressed, Sel’assi watched all of his brothers go off to the fight the elves with their Orcish allies. He was on the eve of being old enough to join up himself when the Elven forces overcame the Trolls’ position. It is unclear what happened at this point, but like so many, following the war, Selassi’s family and people were scattered to the wind.

The next that was heard of him was a story about a nearly feral young Troll appearing on the outskirts of a Revantusk village. The child was nearly starved, but watched over by an enormous, grizzled mother bear who had lost her cubs. It seems the bear had decided that the young Troll was her new offspring. The story goes that it took the Revantusks hours to convince the creature that they meant Selassi no harm. Unfortunately, the great bear had been injured before coming to the camp, and when the young Selassi awoke, she was gone.

After this, Selassi rarely spoke. He devoted his life to the hunt, and he grew up strong and proud. He fought in many wars, including that between the Tauren and the Centaurs, although he remained wary of the orcs, like many of the Forest Trolls . Gradually, he made his way in the world, watching as the people of the Horde began their slow Renaissance.

Old Age, Recent Times and a Snapjaw TurtleEdit

As the decades rolled on, Selassi became older and older, outliving many of the Trolls around him. He lived through so much that eventually his silence gave way to a sort of friendliness and curiosity. He had spent so many years alone in the wilderness that he finally decided why not? He is highly amused by the “young people” he now meets and many of them would be shocked to learn about his ragged past. He is quick with a smile, which is strange enough, but particularly strange in a Troll. The only trouble is that his eye-sight has been slowly fading for decades, and he has had great difficulty taming and keeping pets. That is, until he found a strange Snapjaw Turtle wearing a collar that says “Nottiktok.” Nottiktok is a faithful companion. His protective eye and help in battle has allowed the aging troll to go on fighting much longer than he would have otherwise, although Nottiktok will occasionally disappear, which is quite distressing to Selassi.

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