Selyla Brewpotion

Core Statistics Edit

Name: Selyla Brewpotion.
Title: Alchemist Savant.
Rank: Civilian with no known criminal record.
Race: Human. Later, Succubus of the Ash Spade.
Class: Rogue.
Spec: Combat.
Professions: Engineering and Alchemy.
Age: 24
Eye Colour: Auburn. Later, piercing blue.
Hair: Black.
Skin-Tone: Light.
Height: 5'7.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Synopsis Edit

Selyla always felt as if there was more to be had in her life.

Born to a somewhat unsuccessful family of alchemists, her father would try to sell cheap, fake elixirs to the townsfolk of Southshore. This method of swindling was eventually brought to the attention of the local guard and their family was cast out, forced to live on the roads as traveling merchants. Selyla didn't mind that much then, her childhood was mostly spent digging in the dirt and playing with anything she could find to keep herself entertained. Her favorite toys were old gears and empty tubes from her father's work. As she grew, she envied passing peasants and townsfolk for their clean clothing and warm houses, and wished that she could do something to earn such a "comfortable" living.

Upon reaching the cusp of womanhood, Selyla found herself an unattractive, uncouth individual in the eyes of many; her title as a wandering merchant's daughter was next to nothing in these times of war heroes and noblemen. Wishing she could climb the ladder to the top, the young girl snuck away from her family and boarded a ship to the land of Gilneas, where she heard there was much work available. She heard wrong.

True, the third war had left Gilneas without many of it's men for jobs, but an abundance of women remained behind. Selyla was neither skilled nor attractive enough to fill any of the roles open for her, not even some of the more unsightly professions known to the area. Frustrated, filthy and out of money, she lived on the streets, scrounging for food and coin in the dark alleys of the coastal capital city while the scourge crept ever closer. Starving and exhausted, Selyla was eventually found by a cult member for a local sect of demon worshipers known as the Ash Spade. He struck her a bargain: in exchange for her servitude, she would receive room and board from the cult. Having little other choice and craving a place in the world, she agreed and began to participate in the cult's daily, or nightly for that matter, affairs. She was given all the food she could eat, clothing of very fine make, and even opportunity to gain power in the ranks. Certainly this was the place for her.

Yet as the scourge sought to overwhelm the area outlaying Gilneas, many heroes came to the secluded nation and tried to cleanse the land of impurities. One such man, a heroic paladin known for his work in vanquishing demonic cults, visited Gilneas and turned his attention to the Ash Spade. His name was Wol Pathstride, and he had heard rumors of a small cult performing fel rituals in the sewers under the capital city. Fearful of this paladin, many of the cult members (including Selyla), fled to one of Gilneas' small coastal towns in the west. She would never learn of it, but the paladin was successful in routing out the cult and destroying it's base of operations in Gilneas.

While Selyla was ignorant of this fact, her new cult leader was not, and he sought to bolster their members by delving into darker rituals and demonic pacts. Performing operations on higher ranked members to improve their physical forms, he himself soon took on the form of a bull-headed creature. Some would receive demonic limbs, others fel stamina by drinking the blood of horrid creatures summoned from the twisting nether. And as for Selyla... she was given an offer she simply could not refuse: to become a Succubus.

Looking back on her life as a weak and ugly little girl, Selyla could hardly wait to complete the extremely painful and draining ritual. However, as the last runes were being carved into the earth below her, spiritual form changing and shifting into the new as it sped into the dark dimension, their ceremony was interrupted. The paladin Wol was approaching quickly with many scourge in tow; Gilneas had been attacked and many had fled to the west in hopes of shelter. Surprised alarm turned to fearful screaming as the scourge ran mindlessly through the camp, killing and devouring many of the cultists, leaving Selyla bound to her ritual pike while in the middle of the transformation. Wol gazed upon her figure and she looked down at him with utter contempt, yet the man felt no ill will towards the misguided woman and decided to take no action. He retrieved from his knapsack a horn that was blown two swift times, followed by distant cannon fire. Apparently the site of the ceremony was where he was to meet his rescue transport, and the paladin fled to hail his saviors, Selyla left to fend for herself.

Upon boarding, Wol related what he had seen to his close friend and warlock, Antodagny. Peering into the distance with an eyeglass, Antodagny had been retreating from the Scourge himself, the other ships of the fleet from Kul Tiras having been sunk many days prior. Wol thought it odd that his friend would so eagerly go back to shore and assist the woman, but he trusted it was with good intentions, as paladins tend to think, and ran back while the crew held off the scourge with cannon fire. The two approached the dais where Selyla was being held, now quite painfully without a summoner to bind her newly transformed soul, and cleared the immediate area of scourge. What happened next would save the young girl's soul and also bind it to the servitude she commits to this day.

Retrieving the carving tool from the ground, the warlock etched the final runes and finished the incantation, channeling Selyla's soul back from the Twisting Nether and solidifying her form in this world as a Succubus. Where once was a frail, unpretty girl now stood a woman of striking beauty; lips firm and hips wide, her often unseen curves now accentuated in all of the right, and wrong, places. Wol looked to his brother-in-arms and shrugged curiously, Antodagny responding with strange hand motions. Selyla soon found herself trapped within a small blue orb as the two men sped back to their boat. Antodagny would bring her out many days later and explain the situation quite clearly.

He had been instructed by his impish minion, Gel'kol, to assist her; for the alternative would have been a hellish nightmare for the girl, soul bound to the twisting nether for all time. Antodagny would let her roam free as long as she assisted him from time to time, and the aging warlock was most helpful in getting Selyla accustomed to her new powers. She could also not go into town without a disguise, for her legs were now that of a demons and her eyes always shone with a piercing blue light. On top of that, she now gave off an alluring scent that had to be covered up.

So far Selyla has done herself up quite nicely. Hiding among the crowds of people with heavy clothing, goggles, and the smell of engineering oil at all times, she continues to live life in comfort with her new abilities at her disposal. The warlock she knows as master does not call upon her duties that often, and overall she has taken to this new form well. She feels no regret for any of the choices made thus far in life, and looks forward to gaining more power for herself in the future.

Selyla always felt as if there was more to be had in her life, and she was right.

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