Name: Selyni Keengaze
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Priestess
Professions: Tailoring, Skinning, Cooking
Age: 118
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: Silvermoon City
Specialization: Dicipline
Affiliation: N/A
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Appearance: This young priestess walks as if she is lighter than air itself. Each step is as graceful as the one before and the next. She stands a little smaller than others of her kind, and her willowly build and lack of pectorial growth provides a sense that she is still in her adolescence.
Her dark beige hair waves in thick tufts and frames her young face. Her full lips are always curved into a gentle smile, and when she speaks, her words flow out like sweet honey. Selyni has a kind of twinkle in her vacant white eyes that sparks curiosity to those nearby.
Her robes rest over her frail body, hugging every slight curve that she may or may not possess. Her clothes seem to be fairly new, but this is because they carry no sign of battle or even wear, and it seems to have been made just for her. A little purse is carried in her hands, otherwise its tucked safely in her belt (which would explain the bulge for some).

Personality Edit

Selyni can be found to be well-mannered, respectful, and polite to others. She is very aware of what is proper and what normally is not. This priestess is also caring about others' welfare, unwilling to leave the side of an injured person.
What may stop others in their tracks is Selyni's evident chastity: she is innocent, modest, and pure due her upbringing as a priestess. She is also quite composed. Nothing can really surprise her, and if it does, then it doesn't show. This doesn't keep her from being the genial sweetheart that she is.
Some people may query as to why she is also illiterate despite all of these good points. Oh yeah. Selyni's blind.


Selyni Keengaze never knew her mother. Timiniel Keengaze was wounded from the ambush of a unnamed spider deep in Ghostlands, and she was poisoned from its bite. Onidhre Keengaze, Selyni's father, pried the spider from her and was bitten as well. Agonized from the acidic poison, he took his wife into his arms and quickly headed to Tranquillien along the road. When he arrived, he begged for a medic: his wife was pregnant and needed immediate attention, and they both had been poisoned. The poison expert, Eralan, stepped up and helped by using her skills to subdue the poison temporarily in Timiniel's body, but long enough only to deliver the child. And so, in the center of Tranquillien, Ghostlands, Selyni came to the world. Finally, the poison reached her mother's limits, and she passed on.
Once Onidhre was quickly given an antidote for the poison in his veins, he discovered his first and only daughter to have eyes of pallor, as if nothing was there. Immediately, he realized, that she was blind. He wasn't sure if this was of natural causes or from the poison. Either way, it was his duty to take care of her.
For the next several years, Onidhre raised Selyni on his own. She was sweet and compassionate, even though she was disabled very evidently. Selyni never cared for pitying herself. She was blind, so what? She has the potential just to be like anyone else if she wanted to, she was told over and over by her father. More than once, though, she was approached by someone while she and her father were in the city and was bluntly questioned: "Are you blind?" in which Selyni would smile and reply, "Yes, I am."
Selyni loved her father, and reminded him even when he's done the smallest of things. He would help her eat her food, and she would smile as broad as daylight and say, "Thank you, Papa. I love you very much!"
For the longest time, Selyni thought she was one of the few children who never had a mother to begin with: Timiniel was virtually non-existant in her life. But Onidhre would tell her that she really did have a mother, and Selyni looked just as beautiful and as similar as her. Selyni would just smile, even though deep down she would question if 'beautiful' was even a real word, or even 'blue', 'red', 'big', or 'small'.
Finally came the time when Selyni was sent to an academy where she recieved training as a priestess. There, she met Sephynalek Moonglade, who proved to be her first true friend. They spent years together, before Selyni was offered a chance at a different location to delve deeper in the teachings of a priestess.
Many more years passed...
When she was done with her training, she was finally let out into the world. First thing to do was to meet up with her father once more; she missed him so much. Then there was another problem: she had no idea where he was. She couldn't read due her blindness, and she could not make her way around. She couldn't even remember where her father lived. Hope never left her, though. She will find her father one day, and they will be together again so that, this time, she may take care of him.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

Still to be written...