Sennin "Grayclaw" Silveraine
Game Information
Race Night Elf
Class Druid
Guild Fal Belore
Vital Statistics
Hair Purple
Eyes Gold
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 3,678
Birthplace Darkshore

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like many Kaldorei who came of age before the Third War Sennin’s appearance can be deceiving. Though she is more than three millennia old she has the perpetual look of a young woman who has only recently emerged from adolescence. A druid by birth and by training her appearance is marked by years spent in the wilds and by the utility of such a hard life. Consequently, her dress is plain and her purple hair is cropped short. A run in with the felblade of a satyr has left her with a badly scarred left ear as well as a substantial amount of hearing loss. Beyond this defect she is of average height and build for a Kaldorei, and is otherwise unremarkable in appearance.

It is only in her animal forms that her age shows. Both in her Dire Bear and cat forms there is a substantial amount of graying around her muzzle and claws.


Sennin’s life has been one of isolation, both by choice and by circumstance. Despite their eventual rejection of their magic using peers and their acceptance of the druidic path her parents were largely scorned by Night Elf society. This rejection has dogged Sen for much of her life, and consequently, she has largely rejected Night Elf society in return. It has been a split that has haunted the Kaldorei for much of her adult life. The prolonged separation from her own culture has left her with the feeling that she is without a home despite the fact that, as a Kaldorei citizen, she is free to walk the streets of Darnassus and Nighthaven. The result has been the evolution of a woman who prefers to keep her own council. Still, blessed with a small amount of charisma and an inherent affection towards those she cares about she is a sturdy, if somewhat withdrawn, friend and ally. She tends towards an obsessive personality, often concentrating on a single goal or ideal to the detriment of everything else around her.

Early HistoryEdit

Sennin’s past is rooted in the War of the Ancients, an event that took place over six thousand years before her birth. Her parents, Fessil and Neile Silveraine, were magic users from the middle class, and became strong supporters of the Kaldorei queen, Azshara. Blocked from access to the Well of Eternity by the nefarious Xavius the two quickly succumbed to magical addiction. By some small miracle both her mother and father survived the catastrophic Sundering and returned to Mount Hyjal with their Kaldorei brethren. Upon realizing the destruction wrought by their reckless use of the arcane both of her parents turned away from magic use. When, after unleashing a destructive magical storm on Ashenvale, the majority of magic using Kaldorei -- most of them Highborne -- left to seek their fortunes elsewhere Sennin’s mother and father remained behind, determined to control their magical addiction and prove themselves to those who viewed them with suspicion. Years turned into decades and then centuries, and both grew into powerful druids despite remaining largely outside of the Circle. The continued rejection began to sow seeds of resentment within Fessil and Neile.

Despite their poor relations with the Circle a druid named Gaius Stormfeather took over the training of Sennin and became her shan'do. For years, Sennin's world in the eternal twilight of Kaldorei lands remained peaceful and serene. Seemingly, she had found her place amongst those who had rejected her parents, and the druid became particularly close to Gaius and another of her teachers, Deidre Moonwhisper. Like with so many other Kaldorei her world was turned upside down by the arrival of the Legion for a second time. Late in the conflict her parents disappeared. A subsequent investigation revealed that they had been operating in Ashenvale. It was Deidre who approached Sennin about what Sennin believed then to be the truth. Her parents had given into the demonic corruption of the Legion, and had drunk from the corrupted Moonwells of the satyr. Despite this, in the wake of the terrible losses, the Cenarion Circle opened its doors to a number of other druids, and Deidre, one of the Circle's new recruits, took on Sennin as her shan'do when Gaius stepped down. Like her new teacher Sennin was allowed membership for the first time. This, however, was not last. As the Circle, and Night Elven society in general, regained its footing and Malfurion Stormrage disappeared into the Dream, the Circle reversed many of its decisions, purging itself of several of its more undesirable members. Sennin was amongst these. The official act fell to her new shan'do. Deidre explained in a world dramatically changed and corrupted by the Legion it would have been irresponsible for the Circle to allow her to remain. Surely, someone with the arcane in her blood and parents who had succumb to the temptations of that corruption could not be trusted as a member of the Circle. Her parents lost, and betrayed by her friends, Sennin went into exile only a scant few years after being accepted into the Circle.

Exile and The RidersEdit

In the subsequent months and years Sennin roamed the ancient and vast forests of Ashenvale, operating alone and from Astranaar. She was largely oblivious to the arrival of various others into the forests, but it was their arrival that signaled, temporarily, the end of her search. It was under the banner of the Sunpath Riders that the druid first began to reemerge into the wider world. She found friendship with Dartanis and Kalista, and with their gentle urging she took on a more active role, always operating through a druidic sense of justice. For months she found a home and renewal amongst the Riders, but then, in wastelands of Desolace she discovered the first sign of her parents, a silver pendant that had belonged to her mother. Again finding the need to search out and find her corrupted parents she disappeared into the region, leaving behind her life once again. Weeks passed, and she found nothing amongst the satyr. There was no sign of her parents. Then, her luck ran out, and while spying on one camp she was attacked by one of the guards. Though she quickly cut the satyr down, the blow would have badly charred the left side of her face if it weren't for her Wolfshead Helm. Instead, she suffered a badly wounded ear and almost complete hearing loss in that ear. While she convalesced Dartanis took up the search, but he also returned empty handed.

Coincidently, Sennin wouldn't find any answers in Ashenvale or Desolace. It was her old Shan'do who would point her towards the truth. Upon learning what she had found he approached Sennin during her recovery. When he was unable to convince her to give up her search he returned to his room, asking her to come by later that day. There, he said, she would find her answers. Later that day, Sennin arrived, finding Gaius dead by his own hand. In her shock and grief she looked upon the charcoal scratches that had been the ancient druid's final words: Ethel Rethor.

In the shadow of a ruined Kaldorei tower Sennin, accompanied by her friends, found the remains of her parents below a rocky tumulus. They were not, as she had been told, corrupted, she realized, and with sickening ease the leaky dam she had maintained for five years collapsed. Sennin went to Deidre, bent on revenge and answers. Her old teacher revealed little except that at the time of her parents' death the situation with the Legion was precarious. Some felt that those with a relationship with the arcane were a liability, and that many had felt that Sennin should have joined her parents. Only upon the objections of Gaius and Deidre had she been exiled and not killed. What truth there is in these words, no one could know. Sennin, angry and betrayed, left Deidre and the Riders and disappeared into the Barrens.

Fal BeloreEdit

(continued as stories)

Druid's Eyes

Kaldorei Steel

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