Shaali Sin'dathEdit

Race: Blood Elf
Age: (Human equivalent of 20-ish)
Birthplace: Silvermoon City
Class: Mage
Professions: Miner/Jewelcrafter
Affiliations: The Reckoning

Appearance: She is immaculately groomed and made up, her hair having faded to a bright white and her skin rosy with the use of the forces she wields. She tends to prefer dire, bold-colored robes and like most Sin'dorei women appears to be petite and fragile compared to the other, more hardy-looking races of the Horde.


Confrontational, endowed with an unnatural sense of entitlement and absolutely certain to the core of her soul that she is right and everyone else is wrong, Shaali has a tendency to make waves when she patrols the city. This is not helped by her overtly obnoxious way of speaking, an odd, drawled way of emphasizing off-syllables of words in a fashion not unknown to the noble and moneyed classes of her race that has been described as "maddening" and "enough to drive a person insane". One might tend to notice that this has a tendency to get better or worse depending on her current mood and circumstances.


Born to PrivilegeEdit

The Sin'dath family, a name which literally means "Blood Light" and curiously dates even before the Scourge invasion that lead so many of their people to change their names to fit the sorrow and anger their people felt, operated in the upper echelons of Elven society despite persistent rumors of humble beginnings and a history which cannot managed to be traced, in a city with families that go back ten thousand years, farther than a few hundred years ago.

Shaali was raised into this family by her distant mother and doting father, who showered her with attention and material things and instilled in her a deep sense of being of greater worth than her peers and indeed even her younger brother Asher who, as such things tend to go, became their mother's favorite. Her father maintained his social contacts from the second war, and as such she grew up the childhood friend of a Rilien Sunlance, the son of one of her father's oldest friends from that time, despite the differences in their class and station.

Becoming a PioneerEdit

Soon enough, though, she showed an impressive talent for the Arcane and was packed away to Dalaran, where she specialized in a fairly obscure and unknown branch of magic relating to the positioning of the stars called Astromancy, which allowed one to draw on not only traditional Arcane skills but also on the shadowy Void powers of the Nether.

Following Archimonde's attack on Dalaran she along with most of the other residents fled the city, now locked behind a magical barrier, only to be imprisoned and held by the Alliance forces that they turned to for assistance and shelter. From fellow refugees she learned of the deaths of her family, but as she fortunately did not have to witness it with her own eyes unlike so many of her people she was able to continue on with determination. She did her best to advance herself through the ranks at a respectable distance from the Prince, noting his new-found interest in the Legion as they traversed Hellfire in the Outlands and he made alliances with Illidan and Vashj, and did her best to make sure that Astromancy was touted as a method of accessing the strength that supplied the Legion without having to deal with the demons she hated themselves.

Rise and FallEdit

Following the movements of the Prince and eventually moving to Tempest Keep itself, Shaali vied for the position of High Astromancer with her rival Solarian despite her youth and inexperience. In the end, though, Solarian was promoted and saw to it that Shaali was sent back to Silvermoon City, supposedly to keep an eye on the politics of the place and promote the Sunfury Kael-loyalist goals in a city rapidly succumbing to progressive insanity and sedition. She was directed by her contacts and information to Commander Athane Blacksun, head of the guard force The Reckoning, and demanded that she be signed up at once.

On her return to Silvermoon she was shocked to find the entirety of her family's holdings, estates, investments, lands and manors to be completely gone. She continues to look into the cause of this, which seems to for some reason pre-date the Scourge invasion.


She is often seen on patrol around the city, where she has already become known for her rabid adherence to even the smallest of laws and guidelines and her tooth-grindingly obnoxious way of presenting herself.



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