Description Edit

Name: Shadaria but she prefers to be called Shada.
Race: Troll
Tribe: Bloodscalp
Age: Mid twenties for the second time...
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Class: Warrior (mostly)
Professions: Miner and Blacksmith
Affiliations: Although she was one a leader of the small group known as WTF (Wheres The Flag?)the Bloodscalp woman seems to have very few major ties. And claims no allegiance to either faction. The only people she claims loyalty to now are the members of Big Booty whom she refers to as "The Crew".
Appearance: Shadaria is slightly shorter then most female trolls. Her blue skin and blood red hair and eyes easily mark her as a member of the Bloodscalp tribe. Though she is slender her muscles are well defined. She carries herself in a very confident manner and is often seen as rather intimidating inspite of her size. She almost always wears her primitive mantle even though she is clearly a warrior. Shada's eyes also sometimes change to the eyes of a wolf.

Personality Edit

Shada is very blunt about most things even to the point of making others around her uncomfortable at times. She can also be extremely aggressive and has a rather short temper. There is nothing she won't do to help her friends and values honor more then almost anything else. A potentially violent as she is it seems almost strange that one of her favorite things to do is sit in a quite place and stare at the scenery especially the moon. She only usually lets people she trusts see her more gentle side. Shada still carries a lot of sadness and regret over her "past life" and is constantly trying to protect her friends so she never has to see tragedy like that again.

Background Edit

World one: Shadaria was born the first time on a different world. She was blessed with Shaman magic from birth. When she was in her teens she was told she was going to serve Hakkar by passing her gifts to a new generation. Shada went into a rage and lost her mind to Hakkar's power she used her magic to help her slaughter dozens of members of her tribe before she escaped out into the woods. She blindly killed anyone and anything that came near her for a very long time. She stayed lost in her rage and Hakkar's power until a young troll woman with a large spider came along one day. The girl was not scared of Shada and made no move to attack or to run. The confusion and surprise managed to help Shadaria back to her senses and the two quickly became best friends.

For quite a long time things were peaceful and good and Shada was happy again but a pair of twin warlocks had a grudge against Tarantula and found a way to make the spider troll suffer. They put a dark and powerful curse on Shadaria's magic. The curse began making Shada lose her mind making her want to do terrible things, she did the only thing she could, she stayed as far away from her friends as possible.

After searching the world for someone who could help her she finally turned to a friend. Carsson was a priest and he wanted to help her but he told her that the best he could do was send her soul far from this place and far from her cursed body. Shada agreed and he removed her soul from her body and tried to send it to this world. However as she passed between the worlds Shadaria used her magic to stop herself. She couldn't leave her friends behind she didn't want to leave them alone. But she was the one left alone. She had trapped herself between the worlds and now no one could see or hear her all she could do was watch as her friends lives began to fall apart. It seemed like forever before things had finally gotten so bad for Tara that Carsson felt he had no choice but to send her to the place he had sent Shada. When Tara's soul went through the barrier between the worlds Shadaria's followed.

World two: They both were reborn in this world they didn't take long to end up together again best friends and happy as if nothing had ever happened. Shadaria had chosen the path of the warrior though she wasn't sure why. She had been torn between that and Shaman but for some reason she felt like she shouldn't take the path of the Shaman. Tara didn't seem to think anything was wrong or strange but Shada knew better she had small flashes of memory from time to time until finally one day she remembered everything. It wasn't long until she told Tara, telling Tara about what she had remembered forced Tara to remember too. Still after it was all done they were still the same as always happy and best friends. They had even founded WTF (Wheres The Flag?) and things were good. Shada soon found out that the spirit of the ghost wolf had stayed with her even with the loss of her magic.

Unfortunately things never stay good forever. The warlock twins had followed them to this world. And began causing trouble for Tara again. Shadaria began falling in love with Zinooka who happened to be Tarantula's adopted brother. Shada believed that he was the Zinooka from the other world. Finally it reached the point where it looked like the warlocks had won. Zinooka had vanished with several orphans and Tara and Jooka had been kidnapped. Shada had been out looking for Zinooka when the kidnapping happened and by the time she returned Tara and Jooka had been saved. She blamed herself for the torture that the warlocks had done to her two friends. She never saw that Zinooka again after that. She felt him die... she had sensed it. Xa'ru and Carsson had found the warlocks but Zinooka had already been dead by the time they had gotten there. They fought and Xa'ru and Carsson had killed the two warlock women though it had cost Xa'ru one of his eyes.

Shada was angry and hurt that the first man she had ever trusted had been evil and had been working with the warlocks all that time. She felt stupid for having let herself be blinded by her feelings. However the heart rarely listens to the brain and not too long after the dust had settled Shada began to fall in love for a second time. Being around Xa'ru actually began to restore her faith in men and she was becoming happy again.

But someone was jealous of her happiness. Juwana started to cause problems for Shada. They found out why when Juwana tricked Tchann into helping her and she stole the wolf spirit from Shada. Juwana was Shada's magic from the other world. The curse had somehow made her sentient and she had made herself a fake body out of the elements. Without the help from the ghost wolf or her magic Shadaria didn't even know how to resist Hakkar's power. With some "help" from Juwana she ended up giving into that power and losing herself for a while. But she recovered with the help of her friends and of course Xa'ru. Juwana's fake body had been destroyed when the wolf spirit was returned to Shada.

((To be updated more later...))

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