== Shadows of a Past Lost == Character:Softblade(deleted) Author User:Imzadde.

Softblade stood with her new family ready to face Arugal. A quite conference with Gravehorn before the battle begins. "You know if he chooses to turn me, I will hurt you all, very badly." the warrior wispered to the Elder as they prepared. As everyone readied themselves, Softblade began to enrage herself, calling on her skills she had learned to channel her anger. She had much anger today. Today she had lost to betrayal the only man she had ever let in.

Charging Arugal she hacked away at him not doing as much damage as she had hoped, she tried not to watch her health but she could see it dropping. This was not good. If it dropped too low she knew... It was too late she felt her body painfully morph. A disease, however temporary took over her body. First she sliced at Moya, tearing deep gashes in the bird's wings. Her soul cried out in anguish. But it would not be the worst, turning, her body found Gravehorn and slaughtered him. Her blades moving quickly and roughly through his mail. "No!" she called out in her mind and she regained control of her body just in time to see her Elder fall at her feet.

She turned and charged towards Arugal. He would pay for this. With his life. She finished what they had started and then quietly sat down.

Primrosa's voice was so quiet. "Arugal killed Grave?"

"No, I did."


She could here Slorn defend her, let Primrosa know she couldn't help it. Softblade spoke, but really wasn't there anymore. After a moment she spoke again.

"I need to lie down. Just for a bit..." Softblade wandered to a bit of hay and lay down. Quickly lost to another time and place.

Somewhere in Softblade's mind many many years agoEdit

"Cainawko! Knock it off!" peels of laughter came pouring from the small tauren girl. "Quit tickling me! I am going to tell your mother!"

"HA! That will be the day Awen!" the boy said with a wide easy grin as he gave her no mercy.

-flash forward-

"Pop! You're home!" Awen bounced around her father as he came back into the village. "I missed you so much!"

The older tauren just flicked his ear and grinned. With a nod toward their tent, Awen rushes off to tell her mother. Shortly a lady tauren comes out of the tent with a grin on her face. It falls seeing the male tauren's condition.

-flash again-

"Mother, please don't worry for me. I will survive just tend to Pop." She opens her emerald eyes pleading with her mother. Her mother looks away.

"Pop has changed. He will need to be..." her mother paused for a long time "He will be wrapped and burned so their is nothing left for the Legion to take."

"No!" -fitful sleep take over as her temperature rises-

Sometime the next day when resting Soft slipped back into her memoriesEdit

"Icochawen, don't let go. You have to hang on." A tauren boy hunched over the small child. "I will go get help. I promise I will be back. Bloodhoof is not far and has many great healers. Don't let go."

"Cain... don't leave me. I am so scared. What if the centaurs come back?" The smell of plague, fire and blood pierced the dying child's nose.

"They won't. Just stay put."

She grabs at him but he slips through her fingers.


Hot, so very hot. The tent was on fire. The centaurs had come back to finish what they had started. She hated them for killing what little was left of her village. She hated the humans for the disease that had swept through when her father returned. Now she was alone, surrounded by fire. She could hear the centaurs galloping away. She had to crawl to safety. She would die if she stayed. Every movement was hard as she coughed up blood from the lingering effects of her illness. Grass. If she could just get to a patch of soft grass... Her vision faded in and out. She struggled. Finally collapsing the cool night air soothing her pains away.

-Soft wakes with a start and the memory slips from her grasp again-

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