Race: Draenei?
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Priest
Professions: Engineer/Miner
Affiliations: Unknown

Appearance: Shashibala's hair and skin gleam white, and her hair is gathered into twin buns at the base of her neck. Her clothing often doesn't entirely cover her, and although Draenei are usually of indeterminate age, something about her manner and the way she carries herself suggests youth. If visible, there are markings on her shoulderblades that suggest a lacy, winglike pattern.


Shashi is a playful, often unintentionally silly bundle of energy, and when she sets herself to a task she attacks it with boundless enthusiasm. She doesn't have a terribly firm grasp on the Common language, but this doesn't stop her from haplessly mashing words together to suit her purposes. The targets of most of her attention seem to be men, but she also manages to make the time to research and create...items. If asked what she creates, she will reply "Things!" and smile and nod, as if this is a perfectly adequate answer.


When the Exodar crashed, Shashi was, well, she was there. With the rest of the Draenei! Not suspicious or standing out or anything! She showed up at the Drunken Kodo in the Barrens one day, saying she was sent by the Elf Erunamo's mother Sunastra to "take care of him." She has since taken up residence in the Kodo itself, and despite her very flimsy Orcish usually manages to make herself understood, one way or another.


Journalings of Travellings in Azeroth for Making to Understanding and Remembering!
Demon Daycare

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