Name: Shilen Dustwalker
Race: Orc
Sex: Female
Age: 18 (Portal's Opening)
Born: Durotar
Class: Shaman
Guild: Scarshield Clan
Professions: Leatherworking and Skinning
Status: Active


Shilen ("Shee-lihn") is what one might consider a young adult to her kind. Her stature is slightly smaller than usual, bringing her to a standing height of 5' 11" - and she is, perhaps, a bit full-figured compared to most of the warrior-like race. Despite this, she does a decent job keeping up with her peers in speed and strength. She appears to take very good care of herself, from the long brown braid trailing down her back, to the condition of her hands and feet, which always seem clean. Her skin is closer to a shade of gold than green, most likely due to long days in the warmth of the sun, and her eyes - wide yet with youth, but still oddly calm - are a deep, rich shade of orange.

Personality & RelationshipsEdit

After everything, Shilen has settled into a casual, comfortable silence most of the time. She is loyal and protective, but has a tendency to lean to moodiness when bothered. It isn't unusual for her to seem aloof and reclusive, but this is mostly a side-effect of living as an introvert. There is also a fair bit of pride to her, as far as strongly believing in the Warchief, her people, and their future - but it's more noticeable in her stance and eyes than words.

It isn't a wonder that she's not particularly good with people. She keeps a few close friends, but a significant amount of her social ties are strictly business.


Born to a nomadic tribe known only as the Dustwalkers, Shilen was meant to become a shaman near the age of twelve. The Dustwalker Clan's origins are vague at best, but it is rumored that Grul'charnnal, (decendant of the Frostwolf Clan, known as 'the dustwalker' after he and his mate chose to leave the Frostwolves and head south) was the first chieftan. After the founding of Orgrimmar, the Dustwalker Clan did roam Durotar for a time, but have since been unaccounted for.


(( Under heavy construction; to be revised in the future sometimemaybe. ))

Raised within a clan that clung fiercely to their tradition, Shilen knew very little of her parents. She was born, and while she did spend the first months of her life with her mother, she was quickly passed into the care of the tribe Elders. This was not due to any dislike or resentment her parents had of her, it was simply necessary. The Dustwalker Clan was very small, perhaps only two dozen in number, and a mere ten of those were considered adults and able to hunt and gather. The remaining were either the venerable elderly - whose strength now rested in their wisdom and knowledge - or the children of the tribe. As she grew, it became apparent to the Elders that she was what they referred to as 'Spirit Touched', and it was decided that when she came of age, she would be trained in the Shamanistic arts and one day aid in leading their clan. Little was known of the Dustwalkers due to their insatiable desire to roam - never settling in any one spot made it difficult for other tribes or cultures to learn much of them. This reclusive nature, while beneficial to privacy, turned out to be their downfall.

A month before her apprenticeship beneath the High Elder Grul'delak was to begin, their campsite was besieged by a rogue group of humans led by the war veteran Baelath Karvos. The group had been estranged from Stormwind after Karvos ventured that the Orcish Internment camps should never have been disbanded, and demanded that an effort be made to reinstate them. When this was vehemently turned down by the court, Karvos gathered like-minded men and hired mercenaries to his aid, then vanished from the Eastern Kingdoms. In the attack, nine were taken into captivity - seven children, including Shilen, and two of the elderwomen. The older children, and the warriors of the tribe, were all murdered upon their resistance.

Shilen and the other survivers of her tribe would be held within a makeshift internment camp for almost two years within Durotar's borders. Eventually Karvos feared detection and marched his prisoners north along the Southfury, driving them to the point of exhaustion, before smuggling them into the southern reaches of Azshara. Over this time, Karvos became more and more paranoid, and suddenly chose to abandon his plan, ordering his men to eliminate all the orcs in their camp. However, one of his mercenaries, who has never been identified, had grown to respect the orcs. Horrified by his employer's disregard for life, he rescued the youngest child and fled with her into Durotar.

It was Shilen, and even in her confusion, as they ran, she knew that she was the last of the Dustwalkers.


Shilen's previous "home" was Orgrimmar, though she has remained true to her nature of roaming. Despite what some might consider a troublesome past, she had grown into a polite, mature - though sometimes shy - young woman. Retaining her respect and dedication to her Elders, she had taken up study under the Shamans of Orgrimmar, and while she quickly favored those shamans of her own kind, she never closed her ears to the other races' ideas and approaches.

She joined the Night Vanguard and continued her studies - then vanished for a time.

After time spent roaming from her comrades, there were brief trials in her life that she has yet to really share with anyone, save a few privileged (unfortunate) allies. She was done with her time away and had been noted in and around Orgrimmar more often, though it was suspected that she spent most of her days in the recently-accessed Outlands.

After a brief period, she left the Night Vanguard in the midst of its upheaval, and had returned to her nomadic ways. She went unaccounted for, thought to be roaming the remote reaches of Outland, for quite some time. But she has returned to Azeroth recently and taken up cause under the Scarshield Clan.

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