"Brody Shiverbane"Edit

Race: Draenei (Tiefling)
Age: 16
Height: 6'5
Weight: 110lbs. (without armour)
Hair Color: Ivory.
Eye Color: Blue.
Skin Color: White-blue.
Birthplace: ??
Class: Hunter
Specialization: None (Yet)
Professions: Skinning, Leatherworking
Affiliations: Dreamer, Song-seeker.
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Appearance: .
Sleek, backsweeping horns crest a head of straight ivory hair. Her skin is soft and blue-white, like the petals of an icecap. An intricate tattoo of intertwined white and silver dragons coil around her body, from throat to hock. Chips of gemstones gleam malevolently and stand in place of their eyes, embedded beneath the skin. Their wings are set atop her shoulderblades.

Her body is that of a fully-grown woman, but her eyes are those of a youth. Her smile is soft and shy, and her voice is quiet.

Dragonkin seem to be drawn to her.


She is quiet and shy.


((Soon to come.))


((Soon to come.))

Recent TimesEdit

((Soon to come.))

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