Name: Sihu Grimtotem (formerly Pridehoof)
Race: Tauren
Age: 29 (by human standards)
Birthplace: Thousand Needles
Class: Druid
IC Profession: Field Medic
Affiliations: Zephyr Crew, The Cenarion Circle
Appearance: Vibrant red spots on white fur are a family trademark, and Sihu is no exception. Looking very similar to her two older sisters, the only thing that outwardly differentiates her from her remaining family is a smaller set of horns and a pair of dark, deep set eyes.


While 'stubborn' and 'easily exasperated' are two terms that could easily describe the druid, Sihu has calmed down considerably in the past year or so. In the past, her sharp tongue and explosive temper were the cause of many a spat, but currently she leans towards more rational, considerate methods of dealing with conflict. Most of the time.

In times of adversity, Sihu's been known to hit the bottle a little more than a girl should. Thankfully though, this is a rare occurrence these days.

Not without her positive traits, however, Sihu has an intense need to keep things hale and hearty, hence the almost unhealthy amount of time spent fretting over patients. In addition, a friend once made is generally one kept, though she has a great deal of difficulty outwardly expressing affection - be it romantic or otherwise.

What's With the Grimtotem, Already?Edit

Having been surrounded on all fronts by everything Bloodhoof for the past several years, the Grimtotem tribe has become something of an obsession for Sihu. Though her first run-ins with tribe members were short, often hostile affairs, she's since learned to navigate tribal politics enough to steer clear of topics she has no stomach for.

Of special concern to the druid is one Dakos Grimtotem, formerly something of a mentor in the ways of tribal interaction, currently more of a romantic interest. Despite his being many (many) years her senior, the former Pridehoof has developed a strong, if somewhat guarded and awkward love for her teacher.


Sihu currently resides within the Stonetalon Grimtotem camp with her small charge, Greybear Grimtotem, and rarely leaves the area. If she does stray from the camp, it's seldom away from Kalimdor proper, and generally to attend to family or Cenarion Circle matters only.


A somber, somewhat aggressive boy of around four human years, Greybear is the son of Grimtotem woman that died several years prior. He has a tendency to collect small objects, by theft if necessary, and prefers to be left to his own devices. This is not to say that he is, however, as Sihu spends most of her days keeping tabs on the boy and doing her best to keep him from trouble.

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