Silencia Edit

Real Name: Selena Darkstride

Title: Silent Raven

Birthday: Undisclosed

Birthplace: Undisclosed

Eye Color: Gold, or Tawny

Age: Possibly Late Teens

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliations: None

Language: Sign Language, Common and many others she doesn't care to show.

Quote: *Written* "I used to live in this orphanage. I never told anyone my real name when I was a child, I didn't want my mother to find me. So all the other children called me Silencia."


Appearance Edit

Silencia appears to be nothing more than a mute woman, looking to be around 18 or 19 years old. Her eyes are an almost golden color and they never seem to blink when fixed on something. Silencia, as her name and title may suggest, is mute and does not speak. She has long black hair past her shoulders and tends to play with it a lot.

Personality Edit

Silencia, being mute, does not express her emotions through her vocal tones as many other do, but her eyes and facial expressions seem to do more than enough talking for her. She is almost always either writing, drawing or reading in quiet places, mostly unseen by others and often dismissed as some kind of street-rat. Dispite her gawky, childish appearance, she is extremely smart and thoughtful. From time to time, when the need to communicate arises, she will wave her hands around in expert sign language, praying inside that the person she talks to can understand, though in emergencies, she will use her hearthstone to speak directly to the mind of one person, though it tires her.

She also seems painfully shy, unsociable and will generally avoid people. She has an almost obsessive delight and interest in shiny things, coins, gold, or even shiny rocks will catch her eyes, which seem to sparkle with delight upon seeing them. Unknown to others, she has a small stash of shiny objects that have no real value that she keeps hidden, going from time to time to merely look upon them.

Childhood Edit

Upon looking at Silencia, you may think she has had little to no decent upbringing and no education whatsoever. This is not exactly true.

Selena Darkstride was born to Daranii Darkstripe, a night elf warrior, and Serene Lunadon, a human priestess. Selena looks exactly like her mother and seems to have no Night Elf traits whatsoever, save for perhaps a long life, but that is not yet confirmed. Selena was a happy child, her mother attempting to train her in the ways of the Priest, but Selena did not have the connection to the Light that was needed for this class. She learned many things at a young age, speaking many different languages and learning to read and write. When she was 6 years old, her father Daranii, found Serene to be disloyal to both him and the Light, having joined with the Scarlet Crusade. For reasons unknown to Selena, her mother wanted to take her to this order, claiming she was 'special'. Serene never got to tell Selena anything more, for Daranii was attempting to destroy this order, and Serene was now focused on getting rid of him. Daranii kept a watchful eye on Selena, keeping her by his side, all the while watching Serene's order closely. Finally, after having their base of operations destroyed, the order unanimously decided that this 'Special' child was not worth having their order revealed and crushed. They sent out a small number of their members to set fire to Daranii's house in the night. Daranii died while shielding his daughter from the flames. Selena herself was almost burned as well, she took gasping breaths as the fire ate up the oxygen in the air and accidently inhaled a mouthful of burning ash, charring her throat and burning her vocal chords, leaving her unable to speak.

Before the fire overtook her, a bright light shined for barely a moment, and she found herself watching the house burn down from the outside, tears streaming down her face from the pain in her throat, and the pain in her heart.

Her own mother had betrayed her, her father was dead and her home destroyed. She knew only one thing. If one could not trust one's mother, then one could not trust anybody.

Her small feet wandered to Stormwind and she spent half of her life in the orphan house and half of her life out on the street, taking up an interest in drawing, reading and writing, having already learned to read and write from her parents.

She grew to look upon the world around her with disdain, trying to make a bit of a living off of drawing people's faces. She could not speak, and instead of giving the orphan matron her real name, she dubbed herself, 'Silencia' and has been called such ever since.

Pets and Friends Edit


The small Crimson Whelpling that Silencia rescued from the Auction House late one night after hearing his sad warbles for help. Of the few of her friends, Silencia grew closer to Zarex faster than anyone else, the both of them being orphans. At random times, Zarex will fly off someplace unknown, much to Silencia's sadness. She fears that soon she may have to let him go.


A small orange tabby that Silencia named after her father. She saved Daranii from being trampled by a paladin's heavy mount, and he's stuck with her since then.

Recent Events Edit

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