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Quiet. Particles of sand whispered over the dunes, creating an enigmatic effect that was often witnessed only in dreams. A tiny scarab emerged from its burrow in the shifting world, shook its wings to clear them, and began a delicate march down the dune. Each tiny foot swept gracefully over the desert's carpet, hardly stirring a single sand crystal as it went.

Then, from somewhere beneath it, the earth began to rumble. The scarab hesitated and twittered unappreciatively, its antennae groping at the air. After a moment's silence, it resumed its march, filing the peculiarity under one of the desert's many mysteries.

Just as its miniscule memory started to erase its most recent entry, the world burst into sandstorm.

Silithid Sand

Little bug meets big bug.

When the dust cleared, the scarab's vision was filled with the sight of an enormous, wasp-like monster, dragging its body out of the sand with its clawed forelegs. Like the scarab had earlier, it paused as soon as it was free in order to shake off its wings - and then, with one powerful thrust of its body, it rose into the air.

Time had run out. The silithid had begun to emerge from their hives, and it was only a matter of weeks before their full force would be witnessed.

Silithid hive

The hive.


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What is it?Edit

The Silithid Seminar is an educational event that preludes the ever-nearing opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. During the seminar, players will learn about silithid lore, hive structure, and their caste system. From this event, the Harbingers of War hope to inspire more RP involving the silithid threat, as well as have a jolly good time.

Where is it being held?Edit

The seminar will be held near the silithid hive in Tanaris. Lower-level participants may wish to meet in the Crossroads at 7:20 PM server time for the escort. A raid group will be formed, to ensure that the trip is spared of pain (and Spirit Healers).


Friday, June TENTH, at 8:00 PM, server time. Schedule changed due to some very not fun complications.

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