Sinae Dath'SerrarEdit

Appearance: For a Blood Elf, this Elf is a bit tall and more solidly built. She has two aqua-blue stripes on her face, more reminiscent of a Night Elf. She doesn't quite look like a Night Elf completely either, though, having pale hair and skin that trends more towards pink than purple. She wears a silver necklace that ends in a spill of stars down her chest and a large faceted black diamond ring on her left hand.



For some reason, one day the Night Elf Pook got it into her head that she wanted to visit the Horde. She cajoled Vaien into helping her and going to translate, and he brought along his brother Sarvis. She obtained a Troll disguise and went exploring through the Horde lands, much more ably so after Sarvis discovered a trick to temporarily giving her the gift of speaking Orcish through his Priestly powers. Since then she has occasionally donned her Troll disguse to research various matters...and more importantly, for fun.

Learning of the heritage of her father, Daltrien Dath'Serrar (or Lightblade, as it translates) as a High Elf and the admission of Elves into the Horde, she has decided to try and blend in with the Blood Elves with a trick of changing her hair color to learn more about the other half of her ancestry and toss the Troll costume that required the application of paints and the wearing of tusks and was really never that convincing anyway. She is most often seen in the company of her husband, the Tauren No Grimtotem.

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