Sinae Dath'serrar (Alternate World Version)Edit

Race: Half Kal'dorei, Half Quel'dorei
Age: 554
Birthplace: Winterspring
Class: Mage
Professions: Miner/Jewelcrafter
Affiliations: Harbingers of War
Status: Deceased

Appearance: Her hair and makeup are impeccable, quite unlike her counterpart Pook, and she generally dresses in ornate, flowing robes. Her hair has gone white and her skin ruddy from the continual use of Arcane magic, and her eyes naturally glow blue, although she has modified them to appear green so as not to incite suspicion.


Sinae is generally reserved and soft-spoken, her expression and mannerisms polite but with just an edge of haughtiness to them. Her bearing and grace speak of a lifetime of education and preparation for a role in the higher echelons of society.


This Sinae comes from a parallel universe where Medivh was never killed, and his Burning Legion-lead Horde fights most of the races on Azeroth. In an arcane accident in the tower of Karazhan, the Pook from this world was switched with her.

She subsequently helped bring Pook back and sent her Book back to her own world, but destroyed the portal purposely so that she could stay in this one. She joined the Harbingers of War, and had been trying to make her own way in the world.

After trying and failing to make a place for herself in this Azeroth, she was caught up in events confronting the demon Mazrethok on her "sister's" behalf and was killed in the process. Her spirit was safely ushered back to her own world, where she was finally able to rejoin the Rhyn she knew in the afterlife.



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