Name: Skadi Frostbreaker
Race: Dwarf
Class: Hunter
Age: 52
Birthplace: Dun Morogh
Residence: Ironforge

Skadi grew up in the chilly hills of Dun Morogh, with her father, a trapper and skinner. Her mother died when she was very young, and Skadi has only vague memories of her, but her father often told stories. Even from a young age, Skadi was comfortable in the wilderness, and learned to shoot just barely after she could walk. When her father retired his old bones to the warmth and comfort of Ironforge, Skadi decided it was time to strike out on her own. She has no job in the traditional sense, prefering to travel and take up odd jobs where she can find them, though she seems to have inherited her father's skill at leatherworking. More recently, she's also studied the magic of runes, meant to enhance the armor that she makes, though this is far more difficult and she's largely self-taught so her progress is slow.

Running a delivery for the elves of Feathermoon, Skadi met a skinny, ragged grey wolf in the wilds of Feralas. A few scraps of meat convinced the beast that she had friendly intent, and the two struck up a cautious friendship. Skadi named the wolf Dagstyrr, and he flourished in her care, growing stronger and his lush pelt filling in.

Though she returns often to her father's small apartment in Ironforge, Skadi spents most of her days and nights on the roads of Azeroth, seeking whatever fortunes she can find.

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