Skritch is a troubled young human woman, who is studying to be a warlock for what she believes to be a very noble cause: Demon Rehabilitation.

She is almost always accompanied by a chicken named Turoij. She believes Turoij to be a demon, whom she has fully tamed. Turoij talks to her. She calls Turoij "Chicken".

Turoij believes something different, though. He is quite certain that he is, indeed, a chicken. He believes himself to be Lord of the Chickens. (Yes, he's a chicken, not a rooster. He also has gender identification issues.) He wishes to end the oppression of chickens and the heartbreak of egg-laying for foodstuffs. Beign a chicken, this is difficult to do.

He has, however, trained Skritch, so that he can take control of her for short periods of time, and speak through her. It is in this manner that he has sought out assistance for the Final Battle against those longtime foes of chickens everywhere, the Troggs.

Some suspect that Skritch is a simply insane, and they are welcome to those opinions. Skritch is also rather greedy, and self serving, left to her own devices.

((Yes, this character is comical, but there is serious RP here as well, if dug into.))

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