Name: Slelis W. Dellone

The Nicks: D, Rat, Slick, Princess, Jackass (appointed to her by Dalin),the list goes on and on and...

Slelis Dellone showing off her only redeeming quality: The Magnificent Ass.

Race: Night Elf.
Class: Rogue.
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy.
Age: "Three-hundred and something," she says.
Birthplace: Astranaar.
Current Residence: A ritzy apartment in Stormwind.
Specialization: Assassination & Subtlety.
Affiliations: The Tavern Lines and Azeroth's underground population.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Appearance: Short, sly, and usually sassy, this woman has a decidedly threatening demeanor about her. The way she moves in itself is cause for suspicion: her footsteps make nary a sound, and she appears to be careful not to disturb her environment wherever she goes. One could easily describe her as "pretty," though it would be an acquired taste; she has sharp, angular features and compensates for her lack of a bosom by showing off her broad hips and Magnificent Arse (patent pending) instead.

In observing her, one might suspect her to possess only two outfits: a cut-off, white blouse with black trousers and matching boots, and a set of tight leather armor that she wears while working. In either case, her daggers are not so subtly concealed, serving more as a warning sign than an emergency backup.

She wears a ring with an exquisitive black diamond on her hand. Although it isn't a wedding ring, it's clearly a gift from someone special.

Got Personality?Edit

Too much, perhaps. Slelis is a quick-tongued woman with a grin that could wet an armed soldier's pants. While intelligent, she has a tendency to underestimate her foes and put herself in a number of bad situations. Her hobbies are typically protrayed as masculine, namely: playing cards, drinking (one has to suspect that it's not just water in that canteen), and every now and then smoking tobacco.

Into the AlcovesEdit


Slelis wearing her favorite armor, likely about to shank someone.

Summarization is Summarily SufficientEdit

The past isn't a topic that comes up with Slelis, likely due to two reasons: no one's interested enough to ask, and she's not exactly keen on sitting down and having a good chat about it. Like most night elves, she's lived through enough wars to last a lifetime - or several, given the length of her existence.

Her earlier years were plagued by service under the Silvermoon Sentinels, though she doesn't often mention it. As she grew older, her militaristic endeavors expanded to include fighting through the Third War, until she somehow managed to survive the Battle of Mount Hyjal. After contributing her fair share to Archimonde's demise, she disappeared for several years. All records of her existence during this time have been lost.

Two years ago, she resurfaced again and resumed her career. She enlisted with the Sentinels for a year's worth of service, then - once Stormwind was rebuilt - cut her ties with the kaldorei and offered her talents to the human capital. Since then, she's worked with the Stormwind Guard off and on, mostly focusing on domestic crimes. Her focus on the dealings of the city's underground has not gone unnoticed, but her clean records prevent investigations from gaining any foothold.

Rise of the 'NicksEdit

Somewhere along the line of the Third War, a multitude of nicknames sprouted up from the field, until it became a rarity to hear someone call Slelis by her real name. Her fellow comrades called her everything from Rat to Princess, and unlike most other topics regarding her personal life, the subject of her numerous titles is one she'll never avoid.



Though its members are rarely seen (and not nearly in as thick a concentration as they once were), the Dellone line remains healthy. As one of the few youths that has a mix of brains and some form of brawn, Slelis has undertaken leading the lot. Out of all her family, she is the one most likely to appear in public, and she also seems to handle most of the family's economic 'dilemmas.'

Friends & ContactsEdit

As a businesswoman at heart, Slelis has a wide range of friends, although most of them seem to be more professional than personal. Two of the persons she's most often seen around are Antipholus and Mecaeth, representatives from the Cenarion Circle. On past occasions, she's also been caught speaking with Goldark, Dalin, and Nikkos, and certain members of the horde, though the latters' identities are uncertain and she claims that all her interactions with the opposing faction are perfectly legal.


Sahak, Slelis's lover and incredibly violent assassin extraordinaire.

Romantic EndeavorsEdit

Based upon the rather public displays of affection they make towards each other, Slelis appears to be involved with Sahak Korpiklaani, another night-elven rogue. They have a complicated relationship at best, but it's clear they share intense, mutual feelings for one another.


A rather strange companion of Slelis's lately is Kammon. The two seem to recognize each other when they interact, but otherwise share no apparent connection.

The Rat - WhiskersEdit

Following always after Slelis is a fat, white rat. It acts nervously, as rats tend to do, and has possibly fueled 90% of the rat gene pool. Frequently, its owner will instruct it to perform tasks, such as scout out rooms filled with very tall, armored men wearing the insignias of various official organizations.


Whiskers, agent rat extraordinaire.

It isn't really sure why it's sent out for such purposes, but at least the deal includes cheese.

Adventures & StoriesEdit

Business Gone Bad

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