Name: Slorn Banethorn
Fur Color: Grey
Faction: Horde
Age 55
Special Intrest Groups: The Emerald Circle.


Born into the Banethorn tribe in the Agama'Gor region of the Southern Barrens, Slorn Banethorn was the seventh out of eight children born into the Banethorn family. A curious youth, he was often known to tinkering with small things, like helping build wells for the family to drink and to question why the water does what. Loosing most of his family to fighting Quillboar, Slorn and the remaining survivors of the Banethorn's fled to Mulgore with the other Tauren, settling into the Red Cloud Mesa Region. Due to eternal problems with his brothers Slorn left for the Tribe of the Rainwalker and enrolled into the Engineering Program.

Excelling in Engineering and married to his first love Featherdrift Windstrider, Slorn felt his future was set. However Feather, with a change of heart, left Slorn for another. At the height of his Engineering career, with "Mechanos Theory" and its writer, Slorn, on everyone's lips Slorn found himself lost without his wife, to spite her Slorn left the Rainwalker's and joined fully the Steamwheedle Cartel as an Enforcer and hunter for hire. Being somewhat successful as a hired gun Slorn found himself sick of killing for hire and asked for a more cleaner job, with his wit he was moved to being a reporter for the Steamwheedle owned "Gadgetzen Gazette", Slorn also went to work for Jehotay Gorehorn and his "Zephyr Crew" as a witty bartender.

After writting various comments about Undercity, Mithis Saza and the Sanguis Nox, all three combined to get Slorn in trouble. Trouble to the point that he was beaten by Mithis outside of the bar, this as well finding nothing righteous in the Zephyr Cause, Slorn jumped ship for the Forstmane's to help Trinda To'Baga.

As a Frostmane Speaker, Slorn worked to aid the diplomatic relations between the Trolls and the Tauren, earning him the title of Highspeaker. Fate with a new plan instead had Slorn fall and marry his mate, Sallie Aaoto and rejoin the Rainwalker after months of self-imposed exile. Word had spread, Slorn seemd to be a ship jumper.

Early into his marriage Slorn was reapproached by the Cartel, demanding him to track and catch Aquenda Tenderhoof and bring her back to the Cartel alive. Slorn refused, but ultimately had to out of fear for his wife. Working long enough on the case, Slorn was able to track and dispose of the various members hunting for his wife and for Aquenda, earning him a little regard from the Haven, ultimately spoiled due to Slorn's eagerness yet distrust of the Haven working against them. As of now Slorn has crawled away from a Haven attack alive and is now laying low.


Slorn is often kind, but somewhat fickle with putting his loyalty to one group. Often being sighted of leaving various factions for various reasons, however few doubt that Slorn is a very interesting character. Witty and charming, yet at times solemm and philosophical depending on his mood, Slorn deeply respects and attempts to protect women. Often finding himself at odds with his own conscience especially dealing with the women he couldn't help. This includes Evea; a Troll slave and Aquenda; a Cow whom he feels has played him like a fool.

The Truth of Slorn Banethorn & File 13Edit

However it comes to light that his 'noble cause' to protect Aquenda was a big deception to gain access to her blood. As the Cartel States in its file on Slorn Banethorn, commonly noted as "File 13"

To be exact Mr. Banethorn has long prepared to get in leauge with No Grimtotem's 'faction' to get access to the girl's blood. He summised that her blood would be the best ingrediant due to its hardiness against infection, possibly helping the test subject survive his newest experiment.

The File continued to note contradictions to Slorn's official story of being persecuted by the Haven as well that he was always of gentle personality. As of late the File is still under 'missing' by Cartel standards, though many believe it has been purged to protect the Cartel from legal action.


Relationship with FelEdit

The most disturbing portion of Banethorn is perhaps his work with the corruptive chemical Fel. Specifically how it works and how can be used in both Alchemetical and Engineering disciplines. It was during his tenure in Felwood that he came into contact with an Elemental spirit. A former servent of the Hydraxian Waterlords and now rogue entity calling itself 'So'. After contact Slorn immediately became infected and worked to further it's goal to spreading Fel. Working with Slorn's memories it devised to create a carrier subject to polute more areas of Azeroth with the chemical, in this case a brain damaged Gnome. Using Slorn's theory of Gem energy providing sentience or a surrogate brain, This Slorn-So hybrid began on work on the Gnome before using an infected batch of Aquenda's Blood to work as the regenrate agent. Feeding of Slorn's now anger over Aquenda the hybrid tracked and fought Aquenda in Felwood, injecting her with the fluid. However his victory would not last long and with Slorn trying to redeem himself by curing Aquenda ended in his death by her hammer and an explosion, destroying his lab.


Rebirth as a DruidEdit

Though he was killed it seemed Slorn's knowledge had become somewhat sought, a group of Emerald Circle Druids, deciding to harvest Banethorn's knowledge ressurected his spirit int a Druidic body to serve as one of their new agents. As for the Spirit 'So'. It is believed he still walks Azeroth in Slorn's old body. a Spirit trapped as a Hunter, seeking to carry out his plans to spread Fel and get his revenge.