Description Edit

Name: Snig
Race: Forsaken
Age: 14 (at death)
Birthplace: Hillsbrad
Class: Mage
Professions: Mining, Engineering

History Edit

Ginny Portman grew up with her mother, Susan, in the town of Hillsbrad. Her father, Samuel, had disappeared shortly after her birth, and she never had any sisters or brothers.

As the years passed, Susan became more introverted and reclusive, moving the family of two to a shack far from the main town. The disappearance of her husband had twisted the reasonable part of her mind, telling her that if she did not keep Ginny (who she began to call 'Gins') close, then she also would leave her.

Ginny became more aware as she grew older that her mother was only barely sane. She worked her hardest to make sure the two of them survived by themselves, and to keep her mother as far from the bottle as she could.

Then, the plague came.

As Ginny lay on her deathbed, Susan cried hysterically, begging 'Gins' not to leave. The pleading shifted to anger and Susan began to scream at Ginny, blaming her for Samuel's disappearance. Ginny's last living memory was of her mother screeching that 'Gins' should go to hell where she belonged.

Once Susan realized Ginny was dead, her sanity left her. Dragging her daughter's corpse from the bed by her hair, she took a large chopping knife and sliced the blonde tresses from her daughter, letting the corpse fall to the floor head first. Clutching the strands, Susan ran off into the night.

After she woke up undead, Snig found herself rather bored with nothing to do. She wandered around for months and eventually came across Ambermill. After seeing the bright colors and flashes the mages there were able to create, she ran back to Deathknell and begged Isabella to train her in the arcane arts.

Personality Edit

Something's broken in Snig's head. She can't remember her birth name, and only has vague memories of her life. Her eyes bear a strange nonsense in them, but she covers them up happily with brightly colored goggles.

Her vocabulary is more advanced than most people would initially expect. She is likely to shout random phrases such as, "Hearthstoning Bunnies!" and "Cottage Cabbage!" At the same time, she is an engineering genius, and can converse...well, maybe not with the best of them, but she can get her point across.

Snig often finds herself called to Warsong Gulch for battles. Although 'squishy,' she heartily enjoys running around like a loon and firing off as many pretty colors as she can. When she finds herself in a bind, she enjoys pulling out a tiny dagger and trying to nick her opponent's armor. Sometimes, if the battle goes on too long (and she hasn't seen any Alliance in a while), she pulls out her pet turtle Speedy to keep her company.

Snig's battle cry is "Con Queso!" She has no clue what it means.

Omake Edit

Journal: Paper binded and pen!

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