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Description Edit

Name: Squig
Race: Tauren
Age: Lost
Birthplace: The Barrens
Class: Warrior
Professions: Blacksmith/Miner
Affiliations: Tawaporah of <Alo Alo>
Appearance: Squig is about 6 inches[15 cm.] taller than the average tauren male. He is broad-shouldered and muscular. Overall his size is intimidating. Squig's horns are long and grow outward. In his nostrils is clamped a large gold nose ring. His eyes are deeply shadowed.

Occupation and PersonalityEdit

Running the Mob is a hard job.

Squig is Tawaporah("Godfather" in Taurahe) of the guild Alo Alo("The Mob" in Taurahe). Alo Alo is a guild of shady dealings. Thus, he manages a black market and slays people for money. Recently he has taken the burdens of all business upon himself due to inactivity of members of Alo Alo. When Squig is not taking on the responsibilities and hatred that come with his chosen career, Squig will often be found fighting against the alliance forces with almost forced enthusiasm. Once the battle starts going against the Horde though, he becomes serious and will lead the Horde to come back for victory no matter what must be done.

Cold and calculating...? On most accounts of business with the tauren man known as Squig, the description includes similiar themes. Most describe Squig as straight to the point, and blunt about it. He wastes no time in letting small talk go on. When he knows what you want, he takes all his time to consider the requested job. Then in a flat and usually hostile tone is delivered a "Yes," or a "No,". Upon "Yes," you receive contact information, a complicated list of fees, and the estimated required time. Upon "No," he walks away without a word.

However, outside of business Squig is completely different. He'll commonly be the first one to ask how you are doing. Then he is a nice man and pleasant company.


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