Steel Soldiers tabard


This is a work in progress

1. Mission Statement: The Steel Soldiers are a new unit in the horde army. The role the Soldiers are meant to fulfill is to act as a small, elite unit that can support larger troops in the field while still retaining independent leadership of their soldiers. As well, they are meant to act as a crack fighting unit that can function efficiently in enemy territory.

The purposes of the Steel Soldiers are as follows:

A) To train new members of the horde in their professions; to assist said new members as they progress towards elite status via professional assistance and proper equipping.

B) To support larger units during large scale engagements with enemy forces; to be able to act independently of said units if the situation calls for it, due to the hierarchy already in place.

C) To function efficiently behind enemy lines. This means being able to stage effective attacks on Alliance cities with a small amount of soldiers.

2. Ranking: As the Steel Soldiers are a small unit at the moment, the only major rank present in the troop will be that of Commander, held by Vivande Ad’Garin. All charter members will be of rank Soldier, to remind them of their status in the guild. All new members will be assigned the rank Grunt, until they have proven themselves in the service of the troop. There will also be Sergeant and Lieutenant ranks available to those who show merit on and off the battlefield.

Please note that no rank within the Steel Soldiers can override the authority of other troops. Also note that any abuse of the powers granted by Sergeant and Lieutenant ranks will result in a rapid demotion.

3. Protocol and Conduct:

I) All members are required to salute members of equal or higher rank. It is polite to return all salutes, although it is not mandatory unless the salute comes from a member of equal rank to you.

II) All members are entitled the freedom to train and grow as they see fit, and at their own pace. However, when summoned by the Commander or his Lieutenants for major military or social events they are required to attend said event. Exceptions will be made for members who are involved in raids in enemy territory. ((I.e. Instances, elite quests, and world PvP events))

III) All members are to be provided a tabard at no expense to themselves. Should the guild have insufficient funds to provide a member their tabard, then donations will be taken from the troop, to be repaid at a later date.

IV) ((Whispers and the OoC channel are the only channels which you can be out of character in. The exceptions to this are the party and raid channels, during which you are required to be IC ONLY if the rest of the party or raid is IC. This allows you to just carry on as normal when you’re going into an instance. Plus, it’s just a pain to RP when instance elites are beating the crap out of you. To speak OoC in the IC channels use double brackets like I just did. ^_^ Useful for linking stuff, which cannot be done in the OoC channel.))

V) If at any time a member of the troop encounters a soldier of the Alliance bearing their colours, that member is to take any and all action to eliminate that soldier unless by engaging that soldier he puts his life in express danger. Also, any Alliance soldiers bearing their colours should be noted in the areas local defence channel and over the troop‘s communication frequency.

VI) All members should make it their duty to attempt to recruit members of the Horde into the Steel Soldiers, provided they fit the criteria. ((The criteria being that they roleplay.))

VII) ((Have fun. This is only a game. ^_^))


Under Construction


Commander: Vivande Ad'Garin

Lieutenants: Facemouth

Field Officers: Kelmin Shalith, Hectabuli

First Sergeant:


Soldier Roster:




Ranthal Nightsbane

Grunt Roster:






OoC InformationEdit

The Steel Soldiers were disbanded December 22nd, due to the guild leader's sudden development of a life. It's gone now, but then again so are the Steel Soldiers.

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