Steg gear

Vital Stats Edit

Name: Steg'mite
Nicknames: Steg, Steggy, King Bonehead
Title: Fisherman and Worg Master
Affiliation: The Steggy Shrimp Company
Race: Troll
Class: Hunter
Specialization: Marksman/Beastmaster
Professions: Gnomish Engineering and Mining
Age: 26
Eye Color: Yellow with a brown glass eye
Hair: Red
Skin-Tone: Blue
Height: 7'0
Weight: 150 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral
Current Status: Alive and well

Miscellaneous Information Edit

Location: Wailing Caverns or The Wisps & Spirits
Color: Blue
Food: Alterac Swiss
Drink: Dark Iron Ale
Quote: I spit in de face o' people who don' wanna be cool.

Location: Silithus
Color: Pink
Food: Anything conjured, it has a bad aftertaste.
Drink: Ichor of Undeath
Quote: What's a soul stone?

Physical Appearance Edit

He is your average lanky Troll, with sharp facial features and a bound to his walk. His long red hair is braided along his back and often times he is wearing white warpaint. His most notable features are his eye patch and the fact that he rarely wears armor. Most of the time he can be found with his comfortable fishing attire on, carrying a pole.

Personality Edit

He does not care for the politics involved with this "war". To him, the only enemy he has is the one he deems foe, not someone else. He is normally a nice guy, giving everyone their chance to show their true colors.

He abides by the motto of: "There is no honor among thieves" and therefore despises all rogues. Only a coward hides, then strikes from behind.

Beastiary Edit

Steg argos


The brown worg that has been his best friend since childhood.
The worg pup that continuously follows Steg'mite.
His trusty orange raptor mount.

Background Edit

Immediate Ancestry Edit

Steg’mite was born Nuk’haj to Vek’haj and Xal’haj. Vek’haj fled the religious wars of the jungle trolls and went north to the forest troll tribes. He was welcomed in the small fishing village belonging to the Revantusk Tribe. When Vek’haj grew of age, he was wed to Xal’yul, sister to the chief sentry of the tribe, Gad’yul. Vek’haj was trained by the fierce warriors of his native Gurubashi Tribe and was asked to be a sentry for the Revantusks.

Childhood Edit

Nuk’haj was born the year before the Orcs invaded Azeroth. He had a pleasant childhood, with his mother training his mind and his father training his arm. His two best friends while growing up were Rei’toj and his cousin Saj’yul. Over the years, the relationship between Rei’toj and Nuk’haj grew, while Saj’yul grew jealous. One day while the three were playing in the Hinterlands, Nuk’haj discovered his skill with animals and literally tripped over a worg. He tamed the beast, named Argos, and began their life-long friendship. That same day he saw his first taste of combat when his cousin wandered off into a Vilebranch camp. Three guards chased after the trolls and Nuk’haj fought for their lives, slaying the three maniacs.

A few days later, after recovering from exhaustion and minor wounds, Nuk’haj awoke to the sound of the Vilebranch’s war drums. They discovered the bodies of their kin and lined up to attack. The Revantusk defended their homes in the battle, but many lives were lost including Gad’yul. The tribe spent more time praising the heroism of Vek’haj than mourning the loss of Gad’yul; this drove Saj’yul to insanity and he left the tribe.

Teenager Edit

At the wedding of Nuk’haj and Rei’toj, Saj’yul showed up with his new friends, the Vilebranch. They offered a peace treaty that the chief of the tribe, Rei’toj’s father Toj’jin, quickly accepted. As Nuk’haj enjoyed his new life as husband, he gained more skill in his weaponry, learning to add poisons and arcane magic to his attacks. The couple brought a child into the world and named him Kse’haj.

Late in the year, a refugee from the jungle trolls came to the tribe. Nuk’haj and Rei’haj welcomed him into their home until he got himself on his feet. One evening while Nuk’haj was out hunting, the drifter murdered his wife and child. When Nuk’haj returned, he found his family slain, and took his revenge on the man. He found a letter to the man in his personal effects; he was an assassin and was hired to pose as a refugee for the sole purpose of killing Rei’haj and his child. When the village heard the commotion, they accused Nuk’haj of all three murders and tried to arrest him. Nuk’haj set fire to his hut with the bodies inside and fled to the south before the sentries could get to him.

Young Adult Edit

With no knowledge of the geography, Nuk’haj wandered the northern lands for months before he was captured by a human patrol. They were not sure of what to do with him, so they threw him in the local internment camp. Argos waited on the outskirts of the camp while his master rot in the camp. He knew that the trolls were allied with the orcs during the Second War when he was a child, so he did not fear them.

It was a lonely couple of months at the beginning; he did not speak the orc or human tongue. One of the elder orcs saw him sitting alone, far away from the rest of the captives and told him, in his language, that he fought with the trolls during the Second War. The two became friends as the orc translated for Nuk’haj as they shared stories around the small fires.

After being in the camp for eight months, rumors started to spread among the orcs and humans that a shaman was going around liberating the camps. Within weeks of hearing the first rumor, a massive force arrived at the camp. He snapped from his depression and flew to rage, massacring everything in his path. During this fight is when Nuk’haj started the ritual of carving an ‘R’ and ‘K’ into the first arrow he fires in a battle to honor his wife and child. They overthrew their human captors with ease, and joined the ranks of this one named Thrall.

The Third War Edit

Nuk’haj and Argos assisted the orcs in liberating the rest of the camps from the humans. They traveled with the green-skinned ones wherever they wanted to go. One day a human approached Thrall and told him of a threat to the west. Nuk’haj went with the orcs across the ocean to a chain of islands inhabited by other trolls. They welcomed Nuk’haj to their tribe in gratitude, and joined Thrall in the journey west.

The troll was present during the war against the centaur and tauren. He maintained his rage throughout this war. However, he made several friends, Markel Spinebush, a druid, being one of his closest. It was this battle where one of the hoofed men kicked him so hard that his right eye popped from his head. In retaliation, he cut out the centaur’s eye and kept it as a souvenir.

As more tribes of orcs and trolls came from the Eastern Kingdoms, news traveled with them. An offshoot of the Revantusk trolls brought news of a troll who walked with a worg and had murdered his family and a drifter. Soon enough, high members of the Horde put two and two together and told Nuk’haj that he was to be imprisoned until a ship can take him back to face justice. Even though he maintained his innocence, it was not the orc chieftains’ decision.

Sitting in a cage awaiting to board a ship back to the tribe, the small port was attacked by the Burning Legion. He played dead and fooled the demons long enough for them to lose interest in the port. He freed himself from the cage and traveled south to the sand-ridden deserts of Tanaris.

Mercenary Edit

He sat in the bars of Gadgetzan for weeks, regaining his depression. Never truly getting closure from his family’s murder, and now he was betrayed by his own people for political reasons. He would tell the stories of his adventures to those who would listen, even those who would not. The day came when his coin purse was weightless, and he had to find a new occupation.

One of the people who listened to his story was a goblin named Yirzle. He operated a small band of mercenaries named the Deadmen Outlaws, and offered him a position as a sniper. Inebriated, he agreed, and when asked his name, he lied and made up Steg’mite.

He took several missions, most of them involving the local bartender needing simple muscle getting back a bar tab. They were redundant, most of the time all he had to do was ride a half of a day and catch up the target. Then, Argos and his bow would get the money needed, if he did not have it, they lost everything they owned. It was not uncommon to see stark naked people walking back into Gadgetzan asking for some money to buy clothes.

His first assassination involved a human, as told by the handwriting. The request came in the form of a letter from Goldshire with half of the payment up front. Steg’mite still held his hatred for the humans and accepted the contract without a second thought. At this time, the war with the Burning Legion had more or less ended. The battles were being waged in Northrend; somewhere Steg’mite had no intention of going. He traveled the long journey across the ocean and met the contact in a small cave south of Goldshire. The person who wanted the job done handed him a picture of the mark; a young human woman. Then the human handed him a map of what looked like a map of The Redridge Mountains with a small camp circled.

Steg’mite rode out to the hills, and kept on the watch for the city guards. He swam to an area where he would not be spotted and surfaced. The woman sat facing a small fire, cooking what seemed to be a fish. He pulled his claw from his pocket and stood there, pondering what this small creature could have done to deserve this. The claw was up against the woman's neck as she started to chant different phrases in what sounded like multiple tongues. When he heard a plea in his language, Steg’mite withdrew the claw and demanded her side of the story. The human introduced herself as June. Upon hearing the tale and finding out that she spoke every known language, he spared the woman's life. In turn, the human swore to be a lackey of the mercenary.

Adulthood Edit

Steg’mite’s first requests to his new aide were to change her appearance and name. She adopted the moniker Tabetha Savo, dyed her hair blonde, and received her first dress. Secondly, he told her to scour around and find where a troll that went by the name of Saj’yul was, while he collected the rest of his payment. Steg’mite rode back to the cave and tore the picture of the woman in half, and handed the paladin the map. The unknown human gave him the other half of the money, and as Steg’mite turned to ride off, the man started to say something about cleansing the world. Steg’mite drove his sword into the paladin’s temple, took his belongings, and set the body ablaze.

Two days later Tabetha appeared at the bar in Booty Bay. She overheard a conversation between footmen that the patrols in the jungles were having problems with a forest troll leading jungle trolls. Steg’mite promptly picked up his gear and left the city, heading north. He followed a small group of trolls carrying various fruits and meats to a temple. Naturally, the temple was highly guarded and Steg’mite had to think fast. He quickly changed into his armor and told Argos to hide; a worg is not native to the jungles, and would rouse suspicion.

He rode straight up to the temple and demanded entrance, because he was looking for the green one who stole from the Zandalar Tribe. The guards cowered before him and backed away. Steg’mite marched into the temple, up to the throne and threw Saj’yul to the ground. As the weasel pleaded, Steg’mite swiped his sword through Saj’yul’s neck and then carved ‘RK’ into his chest.

Upon return to Booty Bay, he was informed that Yirzle wanted him out of the band because he did not kill Tabetha. The rest of the assassins sided with Steg’mite and named him the Master Assassin of the Deadmen Outlaws. That position did not last long, because an immature internal conflict split the guild in two. Once again on his own, he explored the war torn lands to the north. He traveled to the far northern area where the human kingdom of Lordaeron once sat. He became friends with a large number of undead and sparse other races who carry the banner of The Lidless Eye.

Present Day Edit

Steg’mite spends most of his time on adventures with his guild mates, or on a quiet beach fishing. Sometimes he will visit various cities, such as Stormwind, to say ‘Hi’ to the friendly people. He does not care what the organized Horde and Alliance say, the bigots can talk while he drinks and makes friends.

He maintains his pre-combat ritual of carving an ‘R’ and ‘K’ into the first arrow he fires. If you see him making strange gestures by the ground either be scared or psyched.

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