Stockings O'MalleyEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: A decade or two older than he'll ever tell
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Rogue
Professions: Herbalism, Alchemy, purse cutting, throat slashing, seduction, kidnapping, supplying illegal goods and services.
Affiliations: The Radlinski Crime Empire
Appearance: Wrapped entirely in dark leather, Stockings' body protrudes in just enough bulges to be suspicious. With the lower half of his face covered with a black mask, Stockings' eyes do most of the talking for him. Undeniably evil, they dart from place to place before fixing on a target, and delivering a cold stare before moving on.
Status: Dead


Stockings adapts his personality to his surroundings. When in the company of his delinquent affiliates, he will be harsh and unforgiving to those who cross him but friendly and familiar with those who've earned his temporary trust.

However, when with favourable company, such as the crew of the Wisps and Spirits or a lady he fancies his chances with, he will adopt a slightly warmer temperament and laugh alot more.



Stockings was born Shuckles Toppsworthy to Avvita (maiden name Radlinski) and Lobsters Toppsworthy. The first year of Stockings' life was entirely uneventful - showered with presents and coo-coos, wonderment at his little part of the world, and utter obsession with his older sister, Nilly. After that, though, he would never stay in one place for too long.

Just days after his first birthday, Stockings' mother died, with Nilly and Stockings at her bedside. Their father wasn't there, and he hasn't been heard of since. The two children stayed in Gnomeregan for a few years, before being reminded that her parents were gone every day became too much for Nilly, who sold all her belongings, and took Stockings to Anvilmar, where they slept in the hall.

When Stockings turned 22, he grew tired of living under the same roof day in and day out, and moved out of Coldridge Valley to explore the world.

Forming the EmpireEdit

Stockings first met Haig when he was 24, collecting kobold ears for Mountaineer Kadrell. He was the evilest, most corrupt man he had ever met - and Stockings loved him. The two rogues would not be separated for the next ten years, as they trained together, sparred with each other and killed together. The idea of forming a brotherhood of crime came when Haig - who was two years Stockings' senior - turned 30.

The two of them had been slaying orcs in the Wetlands when they were witness to an assassin slitting an adventurer's throat, looting his purse, and leaving his body. Aside from taking his armour and weapons, the miscreants found inspiration. For the next few months, they trained harder than they had ever before, near perfecting their skills with swords, daggers, crossbows and guns. They sought out Fenthwick in Ironforge to learn how to properly melt into the shadows and stalk someone unseen, and recruited three of the best thieves, murderers and delinquents available.

The Empire, christened Radlinski in honour of Stockings' dead mother, proceeded to grow in number to about twenty, and when Haig was killed by Stormwind Guards for throwing a knife at an Auctioneer, Stockings assumed leadership, and continues to this day.

Current ActivityEdit

None to report.

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