Name: Suadela Équi'libre (sway-DEE-luh EH-kwih-lee-bray)
Titles: Grey Priestess, Senior Warden of the Night Vanguard
Race: Ice Troll
Class: Priestess
Guild: Night Vanguard
Professions: Tailoring and Enchanting
Age: 22
Born: Frostmane Hold, Year 5 WC1
Status: Active


Suadela is a petite troll female with pale bluish skin and silver-white hair, which she wears pulled back in three thick braids. Her eyes are amber-colored and her tusks are smallish for a member of her race. She wears two earrings in each of her longish ears, with golden-white rings on the left and purple-black rings on the right. Her cloak is always fastened with an oblong brooch of flat gray color, and she tends to favor hues of white, gray and black in general attire.


Suadela is an estranged member of the Frostmane tribe of Ice Trolls, and has many of the physical attributes of that tribe. At an early age (see "History") she was removed from the tribal environment, and as such does not share many common Trollish behaviors, speech patterns, or prejudices. Much of her early years were spent in cloistered education, and although her speech is mostly erudite, she occasionally lapses into the accent of her youth when addressing other trollfolk. Her given name is her own, granted through Frostmane naming ritual in the first days of her life, but her surname has no roots in Troll culture and was bestowed upon the completion of her training by the Ordre Cendrée (see "Affiliations").


Suadela is a full priestess of the broken Ordre Cendrée (the Grey Order--literally, the "Ashen Order"), a semi-secret group of priests who were devoted to the preservation of the balance between light and shadow. To preserve this balance, members of the Ordre make use of these forms of Divine Magic with equal facility, calling upon powers of restoration or destruction as necessary to preserve the world from extremists on both sides of the struggle for domination of Azeroth.

With the fall of the Ordre and the loss of nearly all that she has known, Suadela spent a few years searching for others of the Ordre and gathering rumors of increasing extremism in many parts of the world. After meeting and traveling with several members of the Night Vanguard, she has joined their ranks, hoping to gain the support she needs to continue her preservation of the balance while fulfilling the obligations of her new affiliation.


Suadela was born in the aftermath of the first Orcish invasion (year 5 WC1) to the Frostmane tribe of Ice Trolls in southern Dun Morogh. The only child of a headhunter and a seamstress, she resided with her tribe until the age of three, when her father was lost in a guerilla attack on a Dwarf caravan. Shortly after her father's death, she disappeared from her tribal lands and was presumed slain, though no body was ever found. It was nearly certain that she had been attacked by one of the wild beasts which prowled the tundra, a fate all too common among the children of her tribe, and that seemed confirmed when shreds of the clothing she had worn were found some distance from the hold.

Rather than meeting an untimely end at the claws and fangs of a snow leopard, Suadela had in fact been abducted by the dwarven priest Parlan, a member of the Ordre Cendrée. Parlan was one of the priests tasked with seeking new initiates, and having recently arrived in Dun Morogh after a time spent searching the nearby dwarven stronghold, was surprised to find a promising candidate so soon. Her potential in the Divine magics was exceptional, and the dwarf watched her for a span of days, seeking the right moment to effect her abduction. His opportunity came when Suadela strayed a bit too far from the Hold in pursuit of a snowshoe rabbit she had spied nearby. Using the power of Shadow, Parlan hid his approach and seized her, tearing bits from her garment when she struggled against his grasp.

Knowing time was of the essence, he quickly headed east, spiriting Suadela away from the lands of her tribe. She had never before seen a Dwarf, but had heard plenty of embellished tales about the horrific crimes they had inflicted upon her tribe. Believing she was to be cooked in a large dwarvish pot and eaten, she struggled with all of her might to escape, but to no avail. Unwilling to pursue a protracted struggle, Parlan was forced to resort to an alchemical calming agent to subdue her on the journey to the Ordre's enclave. Astride a large gray ram, Parlan rode with his captive across Dun Morogh, passing through the tunnels of Loch Modan and traversing the wide marshes of the Wetlands. They crossed the Thandol Span and journeyed through the highlands and foothills beyond, finally reaching the forests of Silverpine and the glades of Tirisfal.

After arriving at the hidden enclave, Parlan turned the troll maid over to one of her kind and continued his search for candidates in the surrounding regions. Suadela was raised within the enclave along with a number of other troll, dwarf and human children. In time, the tales of horror upon which she had been raised faded, replaced by carefully nurtured tolerance, followed by acceptance and even friendship with others among the enclave's children. Her early educations instilled in her a devotion to the mission for which she had been chosen, and she soon excelled as one of the brighter pupils in the teachings of the Ordre. Though her potential in the Divine magics proved only average, she was lauded for her quick intellect and sound judgement among the initiates. Parlan, along with others designated to the search, brought in the last of the initiates they could find and set to contributing to their training. There were whispers of rising Shadow forces from several forces, and the Ordre was preparing to act to thwart their efforts.

During Suadela's seventh year at the enclave, one of the older initiates betrayed the Ordre to a nearby force of evil cultists, who had been gathering in strength while the Ordre debated how best to take action against them. Without warning, the cult forces stormed into the enclave, slaying everyone in their path and destroying whatever they could lay hands upon. The mightiest priests in the Ordre attempted to repel the invaders, but were ill-prepared for such a brutal assault and were able only to delay the cultists' advance. Many initiates perished before some few of the Ordre instructors led the remaining youngsters out of the enclave. They grabbed what artifacts came to hand as they fled, using concealed escape routes to gain distance on their attackers. The few survivors traveled as fast as they were able to escape the cultist pursuit, finally reaching the shadow of nearby Lordaeron. Among them were Parlan, wounded in the escape, and Suadela, whose timely flight from the initial assault preserved her long enough to reach safety.

Certain that the cultists would hunt for the remnants of the Ordre now that their existence had been exposed, the remaining priests chose to go into hiding, each taking an initiate or two in hopes of continuing their training and eventually rebuilding their order. Parlan chose Suadela as his charge, and the two began a long journey south to the Swamp of Sorrows. After finding a secure location on the edge of the marsh, the pair built a small hovel and settled in, ever watchful for signs of the Cult scouts who no doubt continued to seek them. In time, the threat of pursuit faded, and Parlan took up the task of completing Suadela's education as best he was able. They remained in their safehold for years, with Parlan occasionally traveling to contact their scattered brethren, using coded missives and indirect references.

In Suadela's sixteenth year, Parlan returned from one of these travels with grim news. His fellows had heard rumors of a growing Legion of darkness, and those tales had been manifested in Kalimdor, to the west. The danger posed by the Legion was immense, and the priests had determined to do whatever they could to avert the threat. Certain that the doom of the world was upon them, Parlan quickly made preparations to depart west, leaving his charge behind in whatever safety remained in those perilous times. Before departing, Parlan completed Suadela's initiation into the mysteries of the Ordre, gifting her with the flat gray brooch and accepting her sacred oath of service to the Balance. That small hope gained, he rode for Menethil, and with his brethren perished in the Battle of Mount Hyjal defending the World Tree against the forces of the Legion.

In the aftermath of the Legion invasion and the Scourge war which followed, Suadela remained secreted in her marsh safehold, hoping for the return of Parlan from the warfare in the west. Eventually, she was forced to accept that he had likely perished, and with nothing to keep her in hiding, she gathered up her meager possessions and headed west, hoping to find word of him. Taking passage to Kalimdor on a free trader's vessel, she traveled to Durotar, where she found Thrall's newly founded capital and some who had fought at Hyjal. There, she confirmed that Parlan had fallen in the defense of the World Tree, and sat for a time in mourning, unsure of her direction and having lost all that she had known. She took to wearing the brooch bestowed upon her by Parlan, though certain it was a hollow thing now that the Ordre was broken.

Two years later, while wandering the valleys of Orgrimmar in search of direction, she received a shock when two Forsaken stopped her in the Drag upon seeing her brooch. Since they had joined Thrall's forces, she had spoken to a few of their kind, but these two were familiar. She soon learned of their history, former members of the Ordre who had been raised in undeath by the Scourge and liberated from enslavement to the Lich King by Sylvanas. After hearing their tales and speaking with them at length about the Ordre and its mission, Suadela found renewed purpose in the knowledge that she was no longer alone, and she dared to hope that the Ordre might one day be restored. She set about relearning her skills and began gathering rumors of growing threats, from the Cleft of Shadow in the very heart of Orgrimmar to Felfire Hill in Ashenvale's woods to the north. In the aftermath of the recent titanic conflicts, a fragile balance had arisen. Suadela determined to do whatever she could to preserve this new balance, and she set forth to gain knowledge of threats and allies who might aid her efforts to thwart them.

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