Name: Sulfur Firemane.
Race: Tauren
Age: 32.
Place of birth: Red Rock, Mulgore.
Vocation: Druid
Hobbies: collecting herbs and alchemy.
Guild: Imminent Rueage.
Affiliations: Envoy of the Cenarion Circle, Lady of Clan Firemane.
Appearance: Sulfur is nearing middle-age and her russet fur has grayed in some places. Her deep green eyes have a dark look to them. She tends to wear robes or a kilt and the garb of a member of the Cenarion Circle.


Born when all of Mulgore was secure and peaceful, Edena <Taurahe for Sulfur> was born to Clan Chief Herul Firemane and Galena Grimtotem. For a long time the Firemanes and the Grimtotems were allies and had deep familial ties, but this would end soon after Sulfur's birth. The Firemanes ruled the area of Mulgore known as Red Rock and were the keepers of the burial grounds there. When the quillboars raided from the Barrens, the Firemanes fought desperately for their home but lost and removed themselves to Thunderbluff. While still young, Sulfur was sent to Moonglade to study to become a Druid, an old tradition for the women rulers of the clan. While she was gone, her grandmother, Magathra Grimtotem, began aligning her clan was what the Firemanes deemed enemies of the Tauren. This was the first break between the two clans.

Three years ago Sulfur returned to Thunderbluff, now a Druid, to find the politics in chaos. Having joined the Orcs and Trolls in an alliance, the Taurens were considering Thrall's idea to include the Forsaken, the Undead who had broken from the Lich King's control, in the Horde. Many spoke out against it. She urged her father, who had become an advisor to Chief Cairne Bloodhoof, to argue against this alliance believing the Forsaken to be enemies and unnatural abominations. She openly spoke out against her grandmother and earned Magathra's enmity, an unpleasant relationship which continues to this day. Eventually Cairne Bloodhoof agreed to the alliance wit the Forsaken and Sulfur left Thunderbloof to contemplate what she believed a dangerous turn of events for the Taurens.

It was nearly a year ago when Sulfur had her first significant encounter with one of the Forsaken, a priest named Forsook. At first she thought the undead insane and judged all the Forsaken by that meeting. But while in the Barrens, while she was fighting against the quillboars, a personal crusade of hers against those who had destroyed her home, she was saved by Forsook when the odds were against her. This was the beginning of a change of mind for her, while she began to set her prejudices aside.

During the last few months, Sulfur has changed her views on the Forsaken tremendously. She has nurtured friendships with a few of them including a blind rogue name Caeryn and when she was asked to join the noble band of adventurers named Imminent Rueage, her experiences with the Forsaken only improved. She has discovered though that this change of mind has not altered her relationship with her grandmother, Magathra Grimtotem. The more Sulfur learns of the Grimtotems plots and scheming the more she fights against them furiously, attempting to foil her grandmother at every turn.

Recently Sulfur has spent more time in Thunderbloof. Her mother died some years ago and her father is ailing, unable to be at Cairne's side at all times. She has taken the title Lady of Red Rock, which had belonged to her mother, and is expected to soon take the position of Chief of the Clan. She hopes to use her influence to fight her grandmother politically and create a rift between Magathra and Cairne, but this goal is still far off. She is constantly in danger of Magathra's assassins and is untrustworthy of any Grimtotem she meets, even though by blood she is half Grimtotem herself.


Sulfur Firemane is not very talkative and is relatively uncomfortable in most social settings. If there was any Tauren who most resembled in demeanor and action the nobility of the humans or elves, it is she. Not that she denies her Tauren heritage, far from it ... it is only the influence of her Night Elf teachers in Moonglade and her exposure to their traditions. While coming off as haughty, she is gentle with most of those she meets. Unless her prejudices get in her way, and they are her greatest weakness. She is stubborn in her opinions and it takes a great deal for someone to prove her preconceived notions are wrong.

Clan Firemane has a tradition of rarely speaking to people using their names. They consider the use of names intimate, which is why they generally go by symbolic name such as 'Sulfur'. Because of this they have over the years developed a means by which to address others by their race. Fellow Taurens are referred to as Brother or Sister. The Orcs have gained the name of Grim Brother/Sister, and the Trolls are Earth Brother/Sister. The Forsaken have come to be known as Night Brother or Sister, and while Sulfur and most of the Firemane have a poor opinion of the Blood Elves, they show them due respect in calling them Sun Brother or Sun Sister ... or sometimes just Elder. Sulfur will generally refer to even her guildmates by these titles rather than using their names unless she feels a need to.

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