The Sunset March is an RP-centric, Hordeside guild.
Status: Disband
Leaders: Fairbrook, Doomthos
Officers: Lyrel, Xanaphia
Official Website: [[1]]
Official Forums: [[2]]
Preferred method of contact: Forums, in-game mail, /whisper
Upcoming server events: None


If this section doesn't your questions about the guild, feel free to ask anything on our forums[[3]].

Who are you guys? What do you do?Edit

We're a bunch of RPers trying to have fun and break away from some of the standards of the conventions of WoW RP. The leader of the March is Fairbrook, and the primary officers are Lyrel, Xanaphia, and Doomthos.

Mostly, we hang out and RP. Our meetings tend to be event oriented and we try to do RP sessions that don't involve sitting in a tavern and being melodramatic. After all, RP melodrama is terribly overrated.

What are you guys like, IC and OOC?Edit

IC, we're really a mixed bunch. Our members range from being unwaveringly honourable to curmudgeonly and plain greedy. Almost any character can probably find their niche in the March.

OOC, we're a relaxed bunch. We're pretty lackadaisical and not liable to get upset over arguments or oddities in the OOC channel. We're fairly friendly and try to help one another out and are likely to deal with problems we encounter by directly confronting them and the whole guild is usually consulted on important decisions. We try to be inclusive - Brigades help with that.

What do you look for in recruits IC and OOC?Edit

We generally look for someone who's going to get along OOC rather than IC. Because there are such a wide array of characters and because of the approach of the leadership, we're fairly confident that almost any character will "fit," ICly. The exception to the rule are characters who shatter lore beyond repair - we have a hard time including these characters because their stories generally conflict with the stories of everyone else in the guild.

OOC, we want mature members, first and foremost. That means we'd like our members to have a basic understanding of how to deal with other people - how to be considerate and how to deal with people who offend them. We like people who are honest and direct. Imagination is always a plus, since members have a lot of say in the direction the guild goes.

What are your rules and expectations? How are they enforced?Edit

Don't be OOC in IC channels without proper notation. Be courteous to other members. If you are mind-numbingly annoying, we will boot you. If you are being abrasive or antagonistic, be prepared to be confronted about it. Exercise common sense and decency. Don't be bigoted. Help where you can. Give notice if you have to leave for a long time.

How is the guild set up?Edit

Guild leader, second-in-command, guild officers, everyone else. Officers and leaders handle most of the administrative stuff and are the go-to people when it comes to handling plots and events that originate from the administration. Everyone gets a say in what goes on, however.

Though our guild does function as a single unit, we're also divided up into smaller brigades. There are multiple purposes for these brigades. One is so that we can assign tasks or missions to individual brigades. Another is so that we can have guild competitions. We also hope that it will allow people to find their place better - newcomers placed in brigades will have a group of people to immediately associate with.

How do I join a brigade? What brigades are there? What if I want to make a new one?Edit

You don’t necessarily enter a brigade as soon as you join - we try to learn a little about you and your character and then sort you ourselves. We try to fit people correctly, and if anyone has a problem with where they’re grouped then they only need to speak up and we’ll assign them to a new group. Of course, anyone can join any brigade they want at the end of the day, we’re just trying to make sure brigade A doesn’t have 20 members whereas brigade B has 3.

There are currently TWO brigades, one lead by Xanaphia and the other by Vaivictus. If you would like to make a new one then you have to speak to us and be approved for the brigade leader position. Not everyone will be able to lead a brigade, and we don't intend to ever have in excess of seven brigades at once.

What's your stance on...Edit


One of the leaders of the guild is a gigantic PvP nut. It will not be excluded. We hope to create lasting arena teams and have fun in battlegrounds together as much as possible. Some of our RP events will also be PvP oriented.


Raiding and the like is the best way to experience the current lore, and role-playing in instances is tremendous fun. We’ll be running instances fairly often, but it will never really come before role-play. We don’t think we’ll have problems getting into the 10 man raids, and we’re even hoping for some of the 25 mans. No one is required to raid, of course, but it's nice if you honour any commitments you do make.

We’re also looking to retro-raid. Everyone should kill Ragnaros at least once!

RP "Elitism?"Edit

The guild's official stance is that there is no right way to RP, but there is definitely a wrong way. We don't go out of our way to be assholes, but your creations are not sacred and we really don't appreciate people who are completely reinventing lore with their characters (e.g., playing an Orc who struck the killing blow against Archimonde and had an affair with Tyrande before beating up Kael'thas in outland and taking over the Blood Elves).

Guild RelationsEdit

We don't presently have any guild alliances set up, but we are interested in them. We don't ever plan to have any mergers, since we find them to be hurtful more than helpful.

How do I Join?Edit

Just contact one of our officers via in-game mails or tells and we’ll set up an interview as soon as possible. Probably the day you contact us. Otherwise, post on the forums with a bit about your character and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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