Personality Edit

Synamora is a kind-hearted night elf who is maybe a little too trusting. She always sees the good in people even after they break her and let her down. She can be a true friend if she cares for the person.

Childhood Edit

Synamora was born in the city of Darnassus. Her mother who was also druid and her father a warrior were killed when she was young by the Scourge. She was raised by her grandmother. Her grandmother raised her with love and care and made sure Synamora knew her family. Her grandmother riased her to follow in the steps of her mother and become a druid.

Adulthood Edit

Synamora was set up in an arranged marriage by her grandmother. She was set to marry a night elf rogue by the name of Nyphme. She didn't like the thought of an "arranged marriage" but she has hope her grandmother had the best intentions. She was set to marry Nyphme and as the slowly began to adventure outside of Darnassus to Darkshore and the Wetlands, they became close. They saw each other often.

Shortly after they came to Stormwind, Synamora began to see less and less of Nyphme till the visits stopped all together. One night, she set out to find him. But when she found him it was not a pretty sight. She found him in the forest outside of Stormwind with a female human. And so Synamora walked away and never looked back.

Afterwards, Synamora met a kind night elf warrior by the name of Kuromar. They spent time together in the Wetlands and began to mend the hurt Synamora had felt from Nyphme. They planned to geth married but Kuromar was called away to go home to his family, and so he left Syna.

Synamora decided that after the constant heartbreaks that she would devote him time to her training and forget about love. As she began to lose herself in her studies, she couldn't help but long for companionship. She saw her friends little.

One evening while awaiting her friend's arrival in Goldshire, Synamora was approached by a night elf rogue far more advanced in seasons than she was. He tried to take advantage of her and get her in bed. Synamora screamed and cried for help and it just so happened to be fate that one of her fellow guild members by the name of Ivor happened to be there.

Ivor threw himself at her attacker, allowing her time to get away. When the night elf rogue became tired of the games, he left. And Ivor with all of his strength got Synamora to the safety of Stormwind city.

Synamora and Ivor have been seen together ever since. They are engaged and are planning their wedding in the near future. Synamora and Ivor now have a son by the name of Arzac.

Relationships Edit

Synamora is currently planning her wedding to Ivor.

They are looking forward to finally starting their life together with their son, Arzac.

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