"I made a hat!"

Syvale Lonache
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Warlock
Guild n/a
Professions Herbalist, Alchemist
Vital Statistics
Height 5'9
Weight 125 lbs
Build Slender
Hair Brown
Eyes Fel-green
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Evil...starting to be neutral!
Age unknown (maybe 73)
Birthplace n/a
Marital Status n/a
Pets n/a
Family Her demons

Childhood Edit

Syvale's origins are foggy at best. At a very young age she came into the possession of a demon of some sort, and became its slave. No one can guess why the demon did not just kill the girl, but it didn't. The demon, Nalghaz, was a cruel master, as can be expected from a demon. He enjoyed beating Syvale with no reason, starving her, killing anything she seemed to care about, etc. So horrid was the torture her master gave her that slowly the girl started to go mad. After too long a time Nalghaz was slain, though it is not known exactly when. Unfortunately all the damage had been done and Syvale's sanity gone.

The Cage of Freedom Edit

After being freed from her master, Syvale wandered aimlessly around azeroth, for how long no body knows. Around this time, when Syvale had no master and no beatings, she blocked out all memory of her captivity. Despite this repression, Syvale's mental stability was lost and she took delight in doing things to small creatures that her master had done to her or to anything she had cared for. After a long time of wandering and causing havoc among the critters littering Azeroth, Syvale started to believe in her twisted mind that she needed a master to tell her what to do and such. Shortly after this realization Syvale stumbled upon Silvermoon City.

After Effects of Captivity by a Demon Edit

Among the loss of sanity that Nalghaz caused, Syvale developed a few odd traits from prolonged exposure to fel engeries. Her canines grew into fangs, her nails narrowed into claws, and she developed a taste for blood and raw meat. Little Syvale also found that she had the ability to summon her own demons, along with hellfire and shadow energies. Syvale's demons proved loyal and kind, unlike her master had been. Her succubus Firla became her guide, her voidwalker Thogmagma her guardian, and her imp Karkol her teacher. The markings on the left side of her body, however, may or may not have been a result of demonic corruption. It is not known if she had them before, during, or after her enslavement. The strange markings change color or glow depending on strong emotions and seem to change shape from time to time, save the crecent moon on her forhead.

Adventures in Silvermoon Edit

An insane young girl in Silvermoon presents some problems, especially when she believes most of the citizens there to be a part of her diet. Syvale's imp accompanied her most through the city, and prevented her from causing too much trouble, though.

Edmonde Edit

Syvale had taken to picking flowers in the city and making decorations out of them. Her favorite spot to craft these things was on a fence in the Bazaar. During one of her crafting sessions a noble by the name of Edmonde decided to hit-on her. Syvale, not knowing what was going on, started to feel uncomfortable and (after his hand went someplace Syvale knew it should not) she became enraged and was going to rid herself of the elf by killing him. She was stopped by a small crowd of people who gathered, but not before almost setting his head on fire and scaring the living daylights out of him. After this incedent Syvale did not leave the city, but went back to her routine of crafting.

Syvale and the Fel Witch Edit

During one of her walks around Silvermoon, Syvale bumped into Ascantha Shadowflame. This warlock, who was looking to build a following to take over Azeroth, lured Syvale into being her apprentice, not that Syvale minded. During Syvale's following of Ascantha, the fel witch ventured to destroy a group of people who followed the dragon aspect of the emerald dream. Ascantha had one target in particular she wanted to corrupt: Faydh. Ascantha and Syvale traveled out into the desert to find him and, shortly after, Ascantha was killed, leaving Syvale in danger of being killed herself, and without a master. Faydh did not kill Syvale, though, because Syvale heard her master tell her to flee and find a powerful artifact (some eye) to resurect her. Syvale found the eye, but Ascantha had already been brought back by Chiela. Her master had changed, though, and no longer encouraged mindless destruction, which confused Syvale. Shortly after, Syvale stopped seeing and hearng much from her master.

Mr. Old Bones and the new Master Edit

During the holiday of Winterveil, Syvale ran into another warlock who she came to know as Mr. Old Bones (Euphy). They spotted an elf-soldier on a large white wolf and decided it would be fun to follow him. Syvale's seemingly innocent personality (she calmed down with the killing quite a bit by this point) made it so that his apparent anti-social nature was overlooked by her. Mr. Old Bones ran off shortly after, but Syvale kept following this soldier, and so he began to chat with her. Through a series of questions the topic of a Master came up (because in Syvale's mind a superior-officer is the same as a master) and Syvale told the soldier, Dravin, that her master had been gone for a long time, and she did not know where she was. Dravin made the mistake of suggesting Syvale find a new master, and so, since he was the only person around, Syvale picked him to be her lucky new master.

Dravin, My Master! Edit


Syvale seems to have become -very- quickly attatched to her new master. Dravin seemed reluctant to be her master at first, but through her impecable logic, Syvale convinced him to accept that he would be her master. (rp in progress) Comment: "d'awwww!" -me

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