Tacita new hair two

Tacita with her new hairstyle

Tacita bowing in new robes

Tacita welcomes everyone...

Tacita Teerai-Khora Edit

Full Name: Tacita Teerai-Khora
Race: Draenei, Female
Class: Priest
Specialty: Shadow
Professions: Jewelcrafting and Mining
Age: 212 (RP-wise) 47 (in game current level)
Birthplace: Draenor
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Alignment: Neutral Good


Tacita has a dusky complexion with snowy shoulder-length hair, which she favours wearing straight with a headband of sorts if she has one to keep the strands from falling into her eyes while she studies. She has the typical large white eyes of most of her race and favours shades of white, black, gold and gray in the clothing she typically wears.

She is normally seen dressed in robes and dresses rather than in trousers and blouses or other armor. Often seen prancing along at her heels is her steadfast companion through hill and vale is her nameless black cat, known only by his breed; "Bombay", that she rescued from certain death once upon a time ago...


A soft spirited woman, Tacita almost always has a word of kindness or two to those she meets and she really doesn't give a fig if they are of the right side or not. If someone needs aide she is more than willing to give it if her skills are useful for the situation.

She is often shy, though, and has trouble speaking and approaching people first. Hence the reason for her name, which means silence. The only people she really feels fully comfortable with are her lifemate Ayashii and her foster son J'Keka.

Though, over the past few months, she's begun to feel that she can open up somewhat to her teacher, High Priestess Laurena of Stormwind. She had begun studying the ways of the Priest, as her mother before her, while still on her home world. Since deciding to take up residence in the Human city of Stormwind. She is fiercely devoted to her family and lifemate and will do anything in her power to protect them.

Tacita's FamilyEdit

Khora Teerai Edit

Khora casting

Tacita's mother, Khora

Tacita's mother. A Priestess who was trained in the way of the Light and sought to pass on the teachings of the Naaru to her first-born daughter. She came to the clearing at the end of the path while tryping to protect her husband, Uulbe and children; Naetkah and Tacita from a Orc raid on her home during the Last Days.

She is still sorely missed by those who knew and loved her. In her final moments she used her magic to kill three of the Orcs who has broken into her home and injure a forth. Sadly, she was not able to heal her husband back to life after the last breath had left his lungs.

But, she refused to run to safety with Naetkah and Tacita when the chance arose and stood over her death lifemate's body until she, herself, perished via an arrow through the center of her head fired by an Orc archer who was posted nearby with orders to "pick off any stragglers or runners". Later, Tacita and her little sister would reflect on how their father must have been watching out for them even in death for them to escape with nary a single scratch as they did.

Uulbe Teerai Edit

Uulbe Teerai

Uulbe Teerai, Tacita's father

Tacita's father. A bright young Draenei who was a simple, yet kind man. He had a talent for the hunt and had always been a good father, lifemate and provider for his family. Tacita will remember her father's warm embrace and soft words as he told stories of high adventure to her and her siblings before a nightly fire after they supped for the rest of her days.

He also passed away during the raid on their village on fateful afternoon. His last act before death, (as Naetkah and Tacita later would recall with no little amount of pride), was to spit on the floor of their home and curse the Orcs who were ransacking their home: "May you live long...but, not in good health." Whether or not they understood the soft-spoken, yet hate-filled words is anyone's guess. Nor did it matter at the time. The message was clear.

Naetkah Teerai Edit

Screenshot 420

Naetkah Teerai (Tacita's little sister)

Tacita's younger sister. She took up the ways of the hunter partly in respect to their father's memory, partly out of her own interest. She and Tacita, who had always been close as children, have grown apart since arriving on the Azeroth and, though each seek their own path and often disagree more than agree, they do try to keep in touch when they can. Naetkah, who favours neither her father or her mother in looks, has often wondered if she is not a fosterling.

She has never actually voiced this concern, though, and keeps the query deep in her heart. She knows that even is she was a fosterling, she was no less loved than if she'd been true-born of her mother's womb.

Ayashii Edit

Ayashii noing

Tacita's lifemate, Ayashii

Tacita's lifemate and best friend. Tacita credits Ayashii with giving her reason to keep going after the deaths of her parents and the loss of their world. Ayashii is a hunter like Naetkah and is always followed around by her large saber cat Trouble and her mount, which she has named Patience in memory of the time to took to gain his trust enough to ride him.


Ayashii and Tacita sharing a moment together

The animals' size and power is a bit un-nerving to Tacita but she knows that they are a part of her lifemate and so are a part of herself as well and has welcomed them into her heart. Both Ayashii and Tacita would die for the other if the need ever arose.

J'Keka Edit


Ayashii, Tacita with foster son J'Keka

Ayashii and Tacita's fosterling son. A half-breed Orc and Draenei youngster they met in the forest on day. Those the image does not show it, he has two small Draenei horns from his father's side and a small stub of a tail than will reach full length as he grows. There are other subtle differences as well that mark his hermitage as neither full-blooded Orc or Draenei.

As cross-breeding of the two races have been strictly frowned upon, J'Keka had been running in fear of his life. He'd been living for the most part of his youth as an outcast surviving on scraps of tossed out food and bedding in make-shift and found shelters, often soggy, cold and dirty.

After his mother died, he'd had no one to care for him and protect him and so, rather than risk being beaten and killed he had been living a lonely and hard life on his own when Ayashii and Tacita found him and took him to their homes and hearts.

He went missing sometime during the chaos after the crash landing onto Azeroth. J'Keka's mothers are still certain that he alive somewhere, living on his wits and have not yet ceased their efforts to locate and be re-united with him.

Current SituationEdit

Ayashii and Tacita have taken over the care of an orphanage and it's inhabitants of both Horde and Alliance children whose parents have been lost to the ravages of war. A task which was asked of them from one of Ayashii's close friends. Being the with the little ones is at the same time bittersweet and joyful, for each little face and bright, piping voice reminds them of the one they lost.

Though helping with the children takes up most of their time, Ayashii is happy to give Tacita the time and space she needs to continue her training with her teacher High Priestess Laurena in The Cathedral of Light when she can.

Ayashii and Tacita with sleeping baby

Ayashii and Tacita with one of the orphans

Although, she had been straying slowly more and more away from The Light ever since the deaths of her parents, Khora and Uulbe, and it's become clear to Laurena, with sadness, that soon she may not be able to cease the progress of Tacita's decent into the darker realms of magic...

She's often found knee-deep in ancient scrolls, studying under the guidance of High Priestess Laurena, as Tacita would rather study than engage in combat if given a choice between the two, or practicing the spells and magic that she has learned over the course of her life, to keep her skills honed.

Even though she has a keen interest in the darker side of magic, she will always feel a deep sense of gratitude and love towards her teacher and continues to visit the Cathedral and learn from her the High Priestess when she can.

Tacita carries the lantern to remind her of all that High Priestess Laurena has taught her and that no matter how dark things might seem, there is always a little light if we are but willing to seek it out.

The NecklaceEdit

"Mother, how do you know that I will even be compatiable with anyone there?" the young Draenei sighed, sitting on the edge of her bed with her mother, Khorah on one side. A scroll of archiac Draenei writing lay half-unrolled upon her lap and her finger marked her place, "I wish I didn't have to attend."

"Nonsense, my dove," her mother admonished, waggling a finger at her daughter, "Now, Tacita, you knew what would happen on your one hundreth summer."

Tacita nodded, laying the scroll away behind her on the bed and pulling her hooves up under the hemline of her simple gray frock.

Wrapping her arms about her knees she looked at her mother, "I've known since I was sixty, Mother," she said, allowing a bit of sardonic human to leak through her voice, "I've heard the whispers passed between the young males and the looks given to certain females."

"Oh, you must pay no attention to that, Tacita," Khora laughed, the tip of her tail grazing her daughter's slightly in parental affection and reassurance, "You must go to your Rut Gathering with an open heart and a free mind, only then will your soul know who to choose."

"R-rut Gathering?" Tacita's dark featured paled slightly, "I...I've never heard it called...that...before..."

"Tacita," Khora giggled like a schoolgirl, "Don't tell me in all your years you've never heard...oh, but then you wouldn't. It's a nickname that was popular in my time and has mostly fallen out of favour."

"Good thing, too," Tacita nodded, "Or am I to believe that actual rutting goes on at these 'Rut Gatherings'?"

"No, no," Khora shook her head, "It is merely a...time and place for the oppunity of getting to know other Draenei your own age whose age of finding a lifemate grows near. Many Draenei family travel from all over Draenor to have their childen attend."

"I don't think I'm ready for a lifemate, Mother," Tacita said, her voice small and uncertain, "I'm...I'm scared..."


The Necklace-Tacita and Ayashii's First Meeting

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