Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Blood Knight
Vital Statistics
Height 6'
Weight 180
Build Athletic.
Hair Maroon.
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic Good
Age 21 (Human Equivalent)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Thin and toned, Taelin appears more confident, and less arrogant, than most of his people. His mouth generally wears a smirk, yet his demeanor displays much more respect and kindness around other races, or children. His long, dark-brown hair has a deep red tone to it, and he keeps it tied together, clear of his eye-sight.


Taelin loathes most magic, and mistrusts almost all who use it, especially his own people. He is very sarcastic, and is not well-liked among his people. He loves books, and withdraws into them often.



He had a happy childhood, until his sister was born. His mother died at childbirth, and his father withdrew into his addiction for magic, neglecting both children.


Taelin and his sister withdrew into books, into stories, growing up. Taelin and his sister kept the house as in tact as they could, but their young age, and father, made it hard. As a result, both were forced to grow up quickly, and they developed a strong bond.


Late into his teens, Taelin's father abandoned the pair. Taelin took his sister to Silvermoon, hoping to find a new life there for the two, and his sister was taken to an orphanage. Taelin lived on the streets, in whatever shelter he could find, and took jobs whenever he needed money.


Taelin left for Orgrimmar, disgusted with his peoples addiction to magic, and hoping to find a home with their new allies in the Horde. To be continued.

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