Description Edit

Name: Tahanah Stormhart
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Age: Early 40s, she's not exactly sure.
Birthplace: Stonetalon Mountains
Affiliation: Stormhart Clan

Appearance Edit

Tahanah's soft features and wide, gentle eyes lend her an air of amiability, though her sleek copper-colored hide does show enough scuffs and healed scars to suggest that she has seen her fair share of trials. The long black hair of her mane is woven through with beads, small shells, and feathers; her clothing and armor are well-cared for, repaired and patched in many places, but they are simple and utilitarian. From her neck hangs a leaf-shaped pendant carved from a translucent green stone.

Personality Edit

Tahanah sees the touch of the Earthmother in all of Azeroth's people, not merely those of the Horde; as servant and guardian of the wilds, she will lend her aid to any who treat her and the land with respect, regardless of race or faction. Her natural friendliness and unflappable serenity endear her to most she meet, though she forms very few deep or lasting connections; once she feels the time is ready, she slips back into the realm she knows - the forgotten places of the wilds. She is ill at ease at the center of attention or spending very much time in a large city.

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