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History & LoreEdit

Talah'Dorei began as a small circle, a druidhood, drawn together perhaps partly by fate and partly from a disturbance sensed in the Emerald Dream by a number of its members.

Druids continue to make up the core of this circle but recently they have extended its radius to include Kaldorei from all walks of life. Priests and Priestesses of Elune being the oldest known protectors and nurturers of the Kaldorei are welcome with open arms. Other Kaldorei who are neither druids nor priests/priestesses are also now needed to create a standing force dedicated to nature, Kaldorei lands and the overall fate of Azeroth.

A Statement by the Inner Circle:
"Much blame has been placed on the Kaldorei for the current state of the world both due to the events during the Sundering and because of the fact that afterwards we went into seclusion and left the rest of the world to deal with their own problems. Only when we ourselves were again threatened during the recent events that occured at Mount Hyjal, the Burning Legions second invasion of our land, did we make ourselves known again. If we Kaldorei are to live in the same world, we of Talah'Dorei must attempt to mend our relations with the other races and we can only begin by restoring nature and cleaning up the mess that was created long ago by our kind."

((Some may argue that it was the fault of the Highborne but in truth the Highborne were only favored Night Elves, along the same lines as nobles. Even still, non-highborne studied the arcane and assisted the Highborne with many things. Overall non-highborne are as much to blame for the Burning Legion's first attempt to conquer Azeroth because we allowed it to happen. Yes, much of it was done in secrecy but many non-highborne still knew what it was that the Highborne were meddling with.))


Like most druids Talah'Dorei operates as a circle. Its members are all equal but regard one another in a typical teacher/student - Shan'Do/Thero'shan relationship. Teachers are not above students nor do they command them, they are there to offer knowledge, guidance and friendship. However, like all circles, this one has a center. This center is referred to as the Inner Circle. They take on the role of teachers as well but also help to keep the rest of the circle uniform and guide the overall direction in which the circle moves.


The disturbance sensed within the Emerald Dream remains the primary focus in the minds of its members, if anything should go wrong there, there will be dire consequences for all of Azeroth. With that always in mind Talah'Dorei has also recently expanded to take on various other corrupt influences present in the world. Thus far those corrupt organizations have been identified as:

Corruption Sources
  • The Burning Legion
  • The Twilight's Hammer
  • The Burning Blade
  • The Shadow Council
  • The Scourge
  • The Dark Iron Dwarves
  • The Silithid

Already a number of these corrupt forces have managed to infiltrate the lands in Northern Kalimdor. The defense here is primary but Talah'Dorei has come to realise that in order to put an end to this corruption they have begun to venture forth into distant lands seeking out the roots of the evil. Little is known whether or not all of these organizations are somehow involved in the disturbance in the Emerald Dream but none of them are ruled out as possibilities.

Ridding their world of any and all corruption and restoring a balance to nature is foremost in all of their minds.

((OoC Information))Edit

Talah'Dorei is a medium-heavy roleplaying guild.

Roleplay GuidelinesEdit

  • A character history involving the preservation of nature and Kaldorei lands or a desire to become involved in these and the fate/restoration of Azeroth would be a nice bonus for potential members.
  • Warlocks and mages are "generally" distrusted among kaldorei due to their close ties with demons and the arcane, both things that they have experienced first hand and have turned away from because of their corrupting influences.

Note: These are by no means requirements! They are only mentioned as general guidelines relating to lore. If a character has a good story that involves going against these norms then that is fine and could actually make for really great RP.

Further Guidlines

Website and Contact InformationEdit

Contact Inner Circle Members in game (listed above) or leave a message/application on the Message Boards in the Visitor section.
Message Boards

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