Talash Furiey
Game Information
Race Troll
Class Rogue
Guild Harbingers of War
Professions Skinning/Leatherworking
Vital Statistics
Height 7'5"
Build Petite
Hair Dark blue
Eyes Orange-brown
Personal Information
Age 22
Birthplace Stranglethorn Vale
Marital Status In a relationship
Family Siblings: Juniandi, Mekt, Ashtaar

Mother: Kinuka

Father: Matojo


Name: Talash Furiey
Race: Troll
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailor
Age: 25
Birthplace: Stranglethorn Vale
Current Residence: Aldor Rise, Shattrath
Specialization: Shadow
Affiliation: Harbingers of War
Appearance: Talash dresses simply, with her hair in a loose ponytail, and she is rarely without a wooden implement of doom. More often than not, she will be roaming about with a young Troll boy - her adopted son.

Personality Edit

Caring to a fault - and to the point of being occasionally naggy - Talash is a woman that has taken her maternal responsibilities to their peak. She is occasionally combatative with a stubborn streak a mile wide.


Talash was born to Matojo and Kinuka in Stranglethorn Vale and, as an infant, was stolen away from her tribe by her father (at her mother's instruction) with her sister Mekt; the older child was left in Booty Bay while Talash was dropped off with an old Darkspear priestess named Lana, who raised the girl as her own. Her life was typically Darkspear until she joined the Horde, and she spent much of her time helping her adopted mother with Darkspear orphans until her teens.

This young woman's training as a rogue was bumpy and included the death of a friend and training partner. In recent years, with the adoption of Koru - a boy that had a rather rough start to life - she took up the mantle of a priestess and retired from military life. She currently lives with her son and her mate, Dekarn, in Shattrath City.

Relations Edit

Father: Matojo Furiey
Mother: Kinuka Swiftshot
Siblings: Matobe, Ashtaar, Juniandi, Mekt, Tojoda & others.

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