Name: Talosinas Sunwhisper
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Rogue
Professions: Mining, Jewelcrafting
Age: 36
Birthplace: Silvermoon
Current Residence: Silvermoon
Specialization: Subtlety
Appearance: Slender

Personality Edit

Used to staying out of the spotlight, Talosinas has developed a problem with acknowledging that he is indeed a person. After a long time of blending in with the crowds, working undercover, or dressing up in various disguises with various make-ups, he occasionally catches himself in a mirror and wonders idly who that person is; a few moments of staring startles him, an unwanted reminder that he is his own person.

Because of this disconnection from himself, Talosinas is primarily motivated by two factors: the personality that he is currently masquerading as or, barring that, his deepest, natural feelings. He can therefore be considered the most dangerous when not on a job, as he'd be more likely to start a fire, make rude remarks, kill, rape, pillage, and so on without a conscious to restrain him, than that of whoever he is pretending to be. He does not do these things without finese, however, as he still retains a manner of skill despite a lack of super-ego.


Growing up in Silvermoon, Talosinas was thirty at the time of the destruction of Quel'Thalas and just finishing his basic education before moving on to other venues (he was slated to train to become a ranger). When the gates fell, he family sustained massive losses on all sides, but he managed to live. In the aftermath, he discovered his close family had more or less survived as well, and the experience bolstered his father's trust in Kael'Thas even more. When the portals opened initially, he forbid Talosinas from training and insisted that he journey on a pilgramige with the rest of their family. Refusing in a bout of adolescant angst, Talosinas was nonchalantly disowned from his family and left to wander the streets of Silvermoon with his belongings. It worked, for a time.

But eventually his earnings would run out, and Talosinas was forced to live on the streets in destitution. He did minor chores, working for an eatery in exchange for left-overs for awhile, but the strain put on by the recovering city was too much for that establishment so he had to move on or starve. And starve he did, for a time. Eventually, a less savory solution came in the form of a pimp that agreed to take Talos under his wing for obvious returns. This was his life for quite some time, servicing various people in a desolute and war-torn Quel'Thalas following the third war.

When message came that Kael'thas had all of the answers for the bloodelves, Silvermoon was flooded with returners and the city was largely rebuilt. Many new job opportunities came, but Talosinas was kept tightly where he was by contract, and indeed much of him had died over time. The trauma had done it's damage, and Talosinas is much the way he is today as he was then, a broken individual.

Brothel politics and standards came with the revitalization of Silvermoon, and the one leading Talosinas' "group" was murdered one night, leaving the young boy and several other individuals without income, food and shelter. He wandered again, this time disconnected much from reality, until another unsavory solution came his way.

These days Talosinas finds himself doing what he needs to do to make money. Currently, it's working as a hitman, hunting down targets and laying them to rest. He doesn't much mind, as long as he's got the gold to feed and clothe himself.

Relations Edit

Adventures & StoriesEdit


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