Description Edit

Name: Tanyela Forestmoon
AKA: Tany
Race: Night Elf
Age: 384
Class: Druid
Professions: Alchemist/Herbalist
Appearance: Tany is usually dressed in standard druid garb. Her expression is gentle and she is often covered is soft layer of dust.

Background Edit

Tanyela was born almost 400 years ago to the Forestmoon family and is the oldest of three daughters. Each of the three sisters took an interest in a different facet of druidism. From her earliest days, Tanyela was interested in life as a power in itself, to revive and create, to give and be taken away. While her younger sisters respectively took interest in communing directly with animals and harnessing the force of weather and Elune's power, Tanyela spent most of her time in the family gardens, encouraging growth all around her. When most of the druids were still within the Emerald Dream, Tanyela and her family were part of the small contingent who stayed without, training new druids, protecting forests and temples, and allowing communication between the outside world and the Dream when necessary.

As she grew, she took interest in the religious elements of Druidism and spent much time secluded within a temple of Elune, maintaining the gardens there, rarely venturing beyond its walls. At some point she heard about the figure of Malorne as a lover of Elune and Ysera the Dreamer and has spent much of her life unsuccessfully seeking out information about him beyond myth and rumors of the Druids of the Antler. She has always been curious about him as a deity and a protector and wondered about his supposed omniscience over both the Dreaming and the world outside. Knowing that the deaths of other Ancients left behind powers within the land, Tanyela greatly desires to learn if Malorne's protective spirit still exists and in what form.

In her quest for knowledge, she ended up joining a small but extremely fanatical religious sect of the Cenarion Circle known as the Serene Covenant. The Covenant is led by a Night Elf Priestess named Amynd Serene, supposedly a relative of the famed Millicent Serene. Although she remains tight-lipped regarding her association with the Covenant, Tanyela does not deny its existence or that she has a part in it. It was the Covenant that suggested she take up adventuring. Whether to further her own goals or for reasons of their own, Tany has never explained to anyone.

As a student of life and the nature of creation, she had always found her own immortality a thing of confusion and hardly a wonder that its source caused so much havoc in Azeroth. She could live forever, but the best of her efforts could not keep any flower in her beloved gardens from succumbing after a century of vivid brilliance? Tany has never appreciated Staghelm's insistence on creating Teldrassil after the loss of Nordrassil. She tends to spend her time in Moonglade or Feathermoon instead of Darnassus as a result.

Tany has taken well to adventuring and enjoys the spirit of co-operation fostered between the races of the Alliance and especially how that spirit seems distilled in the unity of the Bloodforged.

To this day she takes offence at the orcish lumber project continually taking place in Ashenvale and believes she has good reason to engage in conflict with the Horde whenever called upon to do so. However, she almost entirely relies on her revitalizing powers to aid others in their combat and rarely enters a melee herself, unless left entirely on her own.

All members of the Forestmoon family are accomplished alchemists (and expected to be so). Sylvanna Forestmoon, one of the alchemy instructors in Darnassus, is a close relative.

OOC Notes Edit

((Tany is essentially a PvE character and in fact was originally created on a PvE server and transferred to Thorium Brotherhood. She has little depth beyond this basic story. However, I certainly wouldn't be averse to giving her a little more someday in the future.))

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