Tatius in the Ghostlands

Tatius Sunsworn Edit

Age: Unknown
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Paladin
Birthplace: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Appearance: Tatius appears to stand slightly taller than his Blood Elf brethren. His hair is cream-colored near the roots and has an orange tint near the ends. He keeps his hair parted near the front, causing it to fall to either side of his angular face. His nose is pronounced as well as his jaw, giving him a strong-looking face. His eyes glow the same maniacal green as the rest of his race; his eyebrows seem just a bit longer. His skin is very pale, looking to be almost completely without pigment.

History Edit

Not much is actually known about Tatius. His age, relations, and origin are kept secret. It is only known that his given name is Tatius Sunsworn and that he was contracted to rescue Zandro Sandstrike from the clutches of the Sandfury trolls of Zul' Farrak. Despite Zandro's pleas, Tatius has not given the slightest hint as to his employer or the motives for rescuing him. After securing Zandro in nearby Gadgetzan, Tatius and his mercenary crew disappeared.

Personality Edit

Zandro recounts Tatius as being cold, distant, and without humor or remorse. Whether this is his true personality or part of his efforts to cover his own identity and that of his employer is unknown.

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