Tatjanabana Edit

Full Name: Tatjanabana ("Jana") Aliston
Gender: Female
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Skin tone: Medium
Hair color: Red
Class: Mage
Professions: Tailor / Skinner
Guild: The Cult of Lifebane

Appearance Edit

Tatjanabana ("Jana") is a very tall human woman, towering with a height of nearly six feet. Her hair is the color of the embers of a dying campfire, and falls to just below the bottom of her shoulder blades. It is usually pulled back, held within a golden barette, which is studded with translucent orange stones. She wears two simple silver earrings in each ear.

Her eyes are the green of emeralds, and her gaze varies from intense to carefree. She has a few small brown freckles atop her cheeks, contrasted slightly with the bronze color of her skin. Her lips are full and deep pink, and her smile reveals a perfect set of teeth.

Her shoulders are rather broad, and her biceps are unusually large for a female human. Her clothing seems a bit tight for her full figure, revealing an ample bosom and wide hips. Her legs, in contrast, seem slightly more slender, leading down to surprisingly large feet.

Jana walks with the poise of a noble, and often times laughs carefree like the butterflies in spring,

History Edit

Jana Aliston is the daughter of Lord James Aliston and Lady Maria Aliston. Lord and Lady Aliston have been minor players in Stormwind politics and are both generous benefactors of the orphanages in and around Stormwind. She had a fairly sheltered childhood, with little in the way of an adventure other than interaction with the orphans through her parents' work. From the age of seven, however, Jana had an interest in fire and its powers, and thus when the time was right she was placed into training in the Mage District under the tutelage of Jennea Cannon.

Jana's adolescence was marked by typical rebelliousness. In Jana's case, hers took the form of aggressive flirting and experimentation with the various boys in the orphanages. Many times she would be seen in the arms of one or another of the boys, and etched into numerous trees and walls within the city of Stormwind are some initials, a plus sign, and "J.A.", sometimes encased within a heart. Invariably, after a week or two passed and Jana found a new interest, the boy in particular would discover to his chagrin that, no, in fact he was not the one destined to show Jana what true love really was about.

Two incidents of her history stand out. The first, when she was about sixteen, was when she did what came naturally with a young orphan from Northshire, then simply known as Jimbotomy. She happened upon him changing within a small room, walked in on him and closed the door. Jana then made some suggestive comments to Jim. But rather than respond as a typical teenage boy would, Jim looked at Jana with horror, and backed away with each advance. When Jana saw him curled on the floor, shaking and mumbling incoherently, she could tell that something was wrong, and backed away. Years later, they would talk about what had happened and reconcile, becoming friends, but at the time Jana was taken quite aback, not realizing her affections could cause such pain.

Shortly after turning eighteen, Jana met an older man, a paladin working at the Cathedral of Light. They had a torrid romance for nearly a month, meeting in secret within the Deeprun Tram. The paladin, however, could not pursue the relationship as far as Jana desired, and without a word left Stormwind for parts unknown. This betrayal left Jana quite bitter toward paladins in general.

Personality Edit

Jana has the fiery personality befitting her magical specialty. She is very confident, and in many ways controlling. She is aggressively flirtatious, but rarely if ever takes any relationship beyond the room in which she met the person in question. She is often misunderstood, subject to the insults of many as a petty tavern wench or worse, a whore. She does not care much for paladins, nor does she care for people who read too much into her affections.

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