Statistics Edit


Name: Tatsui Shadowalker
Race: Forsaken
Class: Rogue
Affilation Harbingers of War Professions: Herbilism/Inscriptions
Age: Equaled to 16 at death
Birthplace: Quel'Thalas

Description Edit

This girl stands about five feet and six inches tall. Her skin holds mainly intact, however, the key joints-such as her elbows and knees-are stretched, the skin pulled apart to relieve her bones.

Her face is angular, elven rather then human, and her eyes seem to have a faint hint of blue to the yellow glow most Forsaken have. Across her nose are three gashes, the middle and longest one reaching from the middle of her forehead to just past the mid-line of her eyes.Her ears seem to be trying to reach farther up and behind her, but the ends are charred off.

Her armor, dark leather, is kept well, quickly fixed when reaching a town. Along her belt she carries two pouches, two vials, her daggers, and a shining white crystal.

Personality Edit

This young girl is one who offers friendly interactions, if reserved ones. She tends to speak quietly, as though she believes she is about to make a mistake.

On the field, she is near-completely silent, staying in the shadows and scouting out areas ahead of her group.

History Edit

Tatsui was born to her widow mother. Her father had died long before she was born. The young elf found herself fascinated with her mother's arcane talents. Until she was five elven years old, she would watch in wonderment as her mother would create images in front of her.

Her mother died naturally, taken from the child by disease. The woman had felt herself grow weaker, and wrote a note to her daughter. She handed to Tatsui the day she knew would be her last. Tatsui heard her explain what it was, how she would learn to read and could feel her mother's words. The young elven child watched, unable to understand why her mother became unmoving as time moved. She helplessly curled up with her mother, trying to keep herself warm.

Finally, she moved away from her mother's cold body, seeking the streets as a home. She tried to convince a few store owners that she needed food, but the clothes she wore made her look like a higher class elf. They didn't believe her, telling her to return to her mother and father.

Confused and alone, Tatsui found a small, abandoned hut in the darker parts of Quel'Thalas. She adapted it to her home, returning to her mother's house only once to retrieve her only friend, a small stuffed lynx. As the years went by, she found her memory of her guardian grow faint, the only connection that tiny stuffed animal.

As she grew, she learned how to swipe things from places without getting caught, for it meant no food for that night. When she learned that learning to fight meant more food, she took up arms, yet only found herself strong enough to wield two daggers rather then anything heavier. She fell into a habit of working, and stealing, to keep herself fed.

At the age of 16, she worked with a magi on certain missions. They never talked, but Tatsui felt herself growing an odd closeness to him. One day she tried to confront him, only to get stopped before saying her name, hearing that she was "Nothing of importance."

It was shortly after that day that Silvermoon was struck by Arthas. Tatsui was slain and risen, and broke free with Sylvanas, without any of her former memories... She followed Sylvanas and joined the Horde...

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