Description Edit

Name: Tchann Thundercleave
Gender: Female
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Age: 23
Class: Hunter
Rank: Stone Guard
Interests: Exploration, Cooking
Guild: Bad Moon Rising

History Edit

During the second war, Ouka and Tou Thundercleave worked as mercenaries for hire. Ouka unexpectedly became pregnant, and the couple was forced to settle down temporarily. Tchann was born, and the small family camped out for five years, until the young tauren was old enough to travel with her parents.

The mercenary couple's next job was to protect a goblin caravan as it roamed across Kalimdor. The pay was high enough and the work easy enough that the Thundercleaves kept the job for many consecutive years. During this time, Tchann grew up with teachings from her warrior parents and their quirky goblin charges.

As she travelled and saw more of the continent, Tchann found herself falling in love with the beauty and brutality of nature. She happened across an orphaned squirrel while moving across the plains of Mulgore and adopted it, naming it Thump, after the sound it had made after falling out of a tree in front of her.

When she was twelve, the caravan passed through the dangerous area of Ashenvale. Ouka and Tou were on high alert as they came within sight of Astranaar, a night elf encampment. Forbidden to enter the city, the Thundercleaves were forced to wait well outside of the civilized area. During this short exile, they were set upon by dozens of furbolgs.

Scared and defenseless, Tchann ran and hid from the attack. Ouka and Tou were able to defeat the attacking furbolgs, but as they called for Tchann to come out from hiding, a night elf assassin slipped in and murdered the weakened parents.

In shock, Tchann sat in her hiding spot for hours, staring through the boughs at her parents' dead bodies. When the goblins returned from their business with the night elves, they found their protectors slain, Tchann sobbing hysterically over their corpses.

The goblins took pity on the orphaned tauren, and accepted her into the caravan. Thump had disappeared during the fight, and Tchann spent hours searching for her friend before being forced to move on with the caravan.

Seven years passed as Tchann grew up with the goblins. She learned the basics of economics, as well as the basic architecture of engineering and alchemy. Despite the goblins' hopes and dreams, she found herself fascinated with mining the metals from the earth, and creating armor and weaponry from the metal. Tchann grew and matured, and began to understand what she wanted to be in life.

On her nineteenth birthday, the caravan passed by Camp Narache, and Tchann bid farewell to her friends and adopted family of the caravan. She set out to train as a hunter, devoting herself to protecting those who were important to her.

Upon the plains of Mulgore, Tchann befriended the tauren shaman Kun and the troll rogue Morash, both of which she travels with to this day.

Personal Outlook Edit

Since Tchann left the Big Booty crew, she's become somewhat of a recluse. She's lost the small bit of naïveté that she once possessed from inexperience, and has replaced with the grim facts of life: people will die, trusted ones will betray, and friends will leave. All she can really depend on is herself and her pets.

Guilds Edit

During a battle at Warsong Gulch, Tchann met a troll hunter by the name of Tarantula. Tchann watched the troll defend the keep valiantly, using her skills in ways Tchann hadn't even thought of. After that battle, Tchann worked to attain the level of skill she had witnessed, hoping that someday she would again meet her unknowing mentor.

After fighting countless more battles and passing several more rites, becoming once again confident in her abilities, Tchann traveled to the gulch for another skirmish against the Alliance. She was surprised and humbled to find herself standing side by side with Tarantula once again. The two hunters fought several battles together that night, and Tchann found that she had managed to befriend the hunter and her warrior partner, Shadaria.

Several shared adventures later, Tchann was invited into their guild, Where's the Flag. The guild's members were easily identified by their long, white tabards marked with bright red bullseyes.

Some time later, Tarantula was kidnapped and mutilated by a pair of warlocks. Tarantula came out of the encounter disillusioned with the Horde and its reluctance to fully ally itself with the Alliance. Determined to never set foot in another battleground, Tarantula went rogue and left the Horde and Where's the Flag.

She then began another guild, Big Booty, based in the goblin town of Booty Bay. While Big Booty was allied with Where's the Flag, many of the WTF guild members left to join Tarantula's new pirate guild. Eventually, after a long enough absence, Tchann found she worried about Tarantula's safety and joined Big Booty as her unofficial bodyguard.

Tchann spent many months with Big Booty before No Grimtotem joined the crew. Soon afterwards, a long and trying fiasco involving No and the Grimtotem tribe nearly divided the ranks of Big Booty. While Tchann stayed in the crew during that time, she was irreparably disillusioned with the so-called pirates as a whole. When Tarantula and Shadaria left the crew for unrelated reasons, Tchann barely hesitated in leaving as well.

For months she ran under the banner of Howl, a grouping she formed of herself and a few other stragglers she ran into in Orgrimmar. Kun, however, eventually approached her out of concern for her social stability, and introduced her to the Wolves of the Warchief. Tchann quickly dropped her affiliation to Howl and became a whelp of the Wolves.

Tchann became slightly more social during her time with the Wolves, but over time fell even further into seclusion due to the guild's frequent inability to mount any offensive attacks on enemy encampments. After nearly two years of being in the Wolves, Tchann left in search of a group on which she could truly depend on. Acting on a hunch, she fell in with Bad Moon Rising...but is still pretty much a hermit.

Pets Edit

After Tchann completed her tenth rite, she set out to find an animal companion to stand by her side in battle. Running across the plains of Mulgore, she came across a small, injured wolf whimpering quietly in the shade of a tree. Tchann backed away, taking cover behind another tree, and kept watch over the wolf for hours. When no mother wolf came to claim him, Tchann took the injured pup to safety, naming him Mahrou, and training him to become fierce and strong.

Mahrou is Tchann's favorite companion, and has always done exceptionally well in battle. Certain situations since have called for variance in her companions, however, and she has trained a small cadre of pets to fill needs as necessary. These pets include Kamie (now retired), Midori (on hiatus), Mijikai, and Murinandai.

Omake Edit

Journal: a leather-bound journal
Artwork: Taking a Shower (NSFW)

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