Tekaan Avasa'LiraEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 800 (Approximate)
Birthplace: Near Astranaar
Class: Druid
Professions: Skinner/Leatherworker
Affiliations: Bar Master of the Wisps and Spirits, Ex-Lord of Circle Of Stromgarde.

Appearance: Tekaan is a tall standing Night Elf, but which one really isn't. Unlike the average Kaldorei males, he is thin, some would even use the word skinny...Though he would call himself wirey. His hair a dark midnight blue just past shoulder length. Usually very well maintained, he most commonly can be seen wearing dress pants and a white shirt. A scar down his back from a recent battle. Usually with a smile on his face, he welcomes those who he notices.


Tekaan is very kind and generous. Usually putting the needs of those around him well above his own. In recent times he has become much more social, as a Bar Master he must be. Usually rather care free he spends his days around the tavern making sure all is well, and writing poetry. Some know him as the last barman poet. Although some may considered him very sad at times, for the most part, especially since his engagement to Measha he has never been happier then ever.




Born to a family of nomadic hunters, just outside of Astranaar. His mother died while giving birth. Raised by his father, his early years were spent traveling the Elven forest. His father was a great hunter, teaching him all he knew. At a young age Tekaan was sent daily to the nearby elders in order to learn about the world, and languages like Tier and Thelassian. His days were spent in a care free world, both himself and his father played no role in the struggles of the world. They simply kept to themselves. During his time in those forests he met his still best friend Cybela whom he took on as a student. Teaching her that which the Elders had taught him. After her banishment from her family, the two grew apart, until the letter arrived.

The Circle of StromgardeEdit

Receiving a letter from Miss Cybela, Tekaan did as she asked and went to meet with her in Darnassus. Though he hated the city, and they way they stared at him wearing only leather straps and bits of fur. They spoke for several hours, in which time Cybela told Tekaan about her position as Chancellor in the Circle of Stromgarde. She felt she could no longer carry the duties, and she asked Tekaan if he would venture for the first time to the human lands and take her place.

Always there for a friend, he accepted. Under her advising he changed out of his clothing, and into something more acceptable in the eyes of the world. She led him to the gates of Darnassus, where Tallos and Tandaya had been waiting. They were councilors of the Circle, and Tandaya was none other then Cybela's sister. Immediately Tekaan took an eye to young Tandaya, whom he would soon begin to court.

Arriving in Stormwind, Tekaan took over the Circle. Making changes to the current system to ensure that all would survive. Only a couple of weeks after meeting young Tandaya. They were wed in the Temple of Elune. Tekaan had also managed to successfully start an Alliance between the Circle, and the Scarlet Knights.

Little did Tekaan realize the impact that Tandaya was having on him. His choices became rash, pending heavily on her opinions. She controlled him in many ways. The lady he knew and fell in loved with quickly vanished into something he was unsure he even liked. During a night out on the town, Tekaan and Tandaya visited the local Wisps and Spirits where his eye caught the bar mistress Measha. Though he was there with his wife, things were not at all what he wanted...Part of him wished he could walk down and meet her...but he knew Tandaya would not allow such a thing.

After many internal struggles of the Circle, Tekaan decided it was time to throw in the towel. Tandaya pleaded with him to keep the order going, but for the first time since they met, he stood firm in his choice...That was the last he saw of her again. Three days later a letter arrived telling him of her death.

Partially relieved, and partially destroyed, the face of the bar mistress kept showing in his head. He went, to the Wisps and Spirits, and joined their staff.

The Wisps and SpiritsEdit

Trying to forget the closure of his order, and death of his once wife. Tekaan sought refuge with the local tavern. Starting off as a Bar hand, serving drinks and helping with small tasks. Daily he saw her, and inside he wished it was her that he wed and not Tandaya. Soon she approached him about taking on a management position, which led to him eventually becoming the Bar master. He spent his days in the tavern, writing, cleaning, watching...

The more time he spent with Measha, the more he realized just how much he loved her. Though being the man he was, decided many times to not act on it. Then, one night he did. He told her how he felt, and she him. Both are said to be happier then they have even been in their many years.

During a string of events regarding Lord Cromwell, Measha was taken to him by Tybilt. Before she left, he lead her to the waterfall they had spent much time at, just outside of their booty bay home. Kneeling down...pulling out the rock, he asked her to marry him upon her return...


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