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Race: Night Elf
Age: Young. The equivalent of 16 or so in human years.
Birthplace: ((To be honest, I haven't decided -- it's never come up.))
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalist and Alchemist
Affiliations: Nothing to speak of.

Appearance: Tennha really looks more like a teenage brat-human than a dignified Night Elf. Her bright aqua hair is cropped messily short and left to dangle about her neck, unadorned, color offensively clashing with her pale-violet skintone. For a Night Elf, she wasn't exactly tall, only reaching five-foot ten; her build, as with most Elves, was very slight and frail, though her legs had built up quite a bit of muscle from years of running. Her eyelids bear leaf-like markings. Most of her flesh was covered in some nasty-looking scars, most of which don't appear to be old at all. She usually wears very light leather, which gives her freedom of movement, and wields a staff that is ridiculously too tall for her height.
Tennha's animal forms were considered by her mentors to be 'pathetic', and even the average person could tell they were weaker than most druids'. The bear lacked muscle and tone, easily felled in a one-on-one fight; the cat spotted quickly, even when hidden amongst the darkest shadows, blows just not as swift as one would expect. The transformations just lacked ferocity -- they had too much Elf about them, lacking the feral glint in the eyes, and easily noted as a Druid in disguise. She tends to avoid using them, as consequence.


Timid and quiet, Tennha is very introspective and feels horribly out-of-place in crowds. She is sociable, when singled out, and more than willing to offer a hand to anyone in need. She does everything with the best of intentions. Quite curious about the world outside Night Elf lands, Tennha has a wide-eyed admiration for all things, often asking too many questions and getting herself in trouble. Somehow she manages to remain innocent and optimistic, despite everything she's seen in the recent years, even through losing her immortality. She is very headstrong, and it's almost impossible to change her mind once it's made up. She also doesn't hesitate to defend herself or things she cares for; she commonly threatens to "turn into a bear and maul" things that get in her way. She can get very ridiculous in her dedication...


Tenn 4

Tennha's had a pretty normal, unremarkable history -- she was too young to fight against the Burning Legion in the Third War, but saw and heard most of the fighting, as well as feeling the effects: many of her ancestors fell, and though she had not known it long enough to miss it, she lost her immortality. In the years that followed, she grew more and more agitated with her Druidic training, wishing to see the rest of the world and appreciate it n case another calamity caused the loss of more of the world before she'd even known it. A few years later, she made her way into the world, sneaking out of the city on a boat headed to Auberdine, hitching a ride on another going to Menethil... Through some combination of luck and stealth, Tennha survived the trek through the Wetlands, and spent a lot of time in Stormwind. Not knowing a lick of Common, Tennha had a lot of difficulty making her way around, but eventually managed with the assistance of the Night Elves residing in the Park district.

After having spent a few months in Stormwind, she met a human named Berten Spellweaver who she greatly disliked upon first meeting him -- she found him mercilessly torturing chickens in Westfall, and unsuccessfully tried to defeat him multiple times. After this, she followed him constantly, with the excuse of "protecting everything from [him]". She eventually learned that he was serving the Scourge, and became even more dedicated in her stalking. Through spending time with Berten, she eventually grew to believe that he was being misguided, doubting that he was truly evil at all. She eventually discovered that he was being (at least partially) manipulated by Reidra Krastinov, and worked to make Berten see the error of his ways. Eventually, she turned Berten against Reidra, and continued to follow Berten around after he lost the powers granted to him by the Scourge, to protect him and make sure Reidra stayed away from him.

However, things were not to stay peaceful for long. Reidra discovered that Tennha had been behind Berten's change of attitude and began to plot. Eventually, the two finally met on the road in Duskwood. Tennha, who had wanted to talk to Reidra for quite a long time, was easily tricked by Reidra. She was bound and kept in an abandoned shack for about a week, where Reidra would torture her, "to show you the pain that you caused me" (or something equally emo). Eventually Reidra tired of this and slit Tennha's throat, leaving her to die.

Even Tennha has no knowledge of how she managed to survive the wound or get to safety. She regained consciousness some time later in the Park District of Stormwind, in an empty house with no signs of residence. She decided not tu question her good fortune, but instead moved on, though with a marked paranoia to her actions...

Recent EventsEdit

Tennha has been struggling to reconnect with things since awakening. She's had a bit of difficulty recalling some things, though she definitely remembers everything important. Having heard some very unsettling news from a certain Paladin about Berten being, of all things, a Death Knight, she entered some state of panic and avoided the city entirely, not wishing to confirm the truth of that statement. She spent a lot of time wandering listlessly, feeling more than ever like a failure, and spending more time in her feral forms. She never got entirely good with them, but she began to feel more natural, sometimes managing even to not trip over her own four legs.

Eventually, though, she encountered Berten again -- not at all a Death Knight, but a Mage, wearing the robes of a wizard of Dalaran. Confused as everything, but glad to have him back and in proper condition (though she was at first suspicious), she put the rumors of the strange Death Knight out of her mind. The calm was short-lived though, as not long after Berten returned, so too did Reidra, apparently also convinced that Berten had been a servant of the Scourge. Fearing for her own self as well as Berten's well-being, Tennha can generally be found at his side, keeping a close lookout for anything she deems suspicious.

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