Tetrim Pegason
Game Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Vital Statistics
Height 6'
Weight 190
Build Muscular
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 26

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tetrim is but one of many half-elves scattered about the northern ends of the Eastern Kingdom, birthed from the union of Human and Sin’Dorei coupling. In ages long passed, such children were typically regarded as inferior beings by both parent races, and with the advent of the great exodus of the Elves to the purpose of the Horde, such attitudes have returned. Such a situation would be devastating for any coming of age, and would to for Tetrim, had he not come of age just as the age began. Half-elves have the builds of slight humans or heavy Sin’Dorei. Like their high elf parents, they have fair skin and hair, and brilliantly colored eyes, usually blue or green. Though lacking his elf parents longevity, a half-elf still enjoys a long life span, reaching maturity at 20 years of age and living for two or three centuries. Tetrim is of an especially bulky build, having been trained for the purposes of the Silver Hand before the third war came to ruin Silvermoon. His hair is a very human shade of brown, while his eyes and skin tend to the shades of his father.


Tetrim is a friendly dullard, a devout warrior for the Holy Light, and a courageous ally. Although capable mentally of skilled combat and intermittent intellect, his understanding of the world and how it works borderlines insanity. His bravery, occasionally mistaken for blind zeal, is in reality an extreme lack of judgment and overestimation of his own capabilities. Often he attempts physical feats that would be impossible for any being, let alone a mortal such as himself, even to the point of great bodily harm.

To this day Tetrim remembers Human friends he had as a child, yet realizes not that he has left their 'faction', even while openly fighting them under orders of his superiors in the newly rebuilt Silvermoon City. Despite his mental shortcomings, Tetrim has been known to impart shreds of wisdom when things are at their bleakest.


Tetrim has lived a fairly uneventful life, having been born in a small village far south of Silvermoon long before the events of the third war. Sheltered from combat, he lived with his Human mother until he was capable of labor, and then promptly packed up and made way to Lordaeron, where he became a page within the Church of the Holy Light, and thus raised accordingly by his strengths as judged by the Clerics housed therein.

When the time would soon come for the Silver Hand to collapse, Tetrim returned home to find his village abandoned. Tetrim wandered the land for the sake of his own adventures for many months before settling down and rebuilding what little was left of his hometown. Tending the land, he lead a fairly boring life, picking off any Undead stragglers that happened to trespass nearby while staying out of any major scourge notice. When finally the reclaimers of Silvermoon and the Forsaken came to recover his land, he did as he had always done previously, and moved on once more, to Silvermoon, now following a vague lead that he may still have family waiting for him when he arrives...
Tetrim Pegason
"Ah hah! Turtle! You can help me out."

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